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Third Party Services

Last reviewed: April 1st, 2020

To support the delivery of our Services, CannMart Inc may engage and use data processors with access to some customer data (each, a "Subprocessor"). This page provides important information about the identity, location and role of each subprocessor.

CannMart Inc currently uses third party subprocessors to provide infrastructure services, and to help us provide customer support and email notifications. Prior to engaging any third party Subprocessor, CannMart Inc performs diligence to evaluate their privacy, security and confidentiality practices, and executes an agreement implementing its applicable obligations.

Infrastructure Subprocessors

CannMart Inc may use the following subprocessors to host customer data or provide other infrastructure that helps with delivery of our services:

Entity Name Purpose of processing Entity country
Amazon Web Services, Inc Cloud Service Provider Canada
Confluent Cloud (Kafka) Cloud Service Provider Canada
Shopify E-commerce platform Canada

Other Subprocessors

CannMart Inc may use the following subprocessors to perform other service functions:

Entity Name Purpose of processing Legal basis of processing Entity country
Adloop Advertising Consent Canada
Alexa Metrics Analytics Consent Canada
Ample Organics ERP for medical data Performing the contractual relationship Canada
BackinStock Engagement Consent United States
Findify AB Search and recommendations Consent United States
FullStory Website Improvement Consent United States
Google Analytics Usage analytics Consent United States
Klaviyo Email notifications Consent United States
Mantis Ad Network Advertising Consent United States
Paypal Payment processor Consent Canada
Segment Analytics pipeline Consent United States
Sentry Logging and Diagnostics Consent United States
SMSBump SMS notifications Consent United States
Zendesk, Inc. Support Services Consent United States


As our business grows and evolves, the subprocessors we engage may also change. We will endeavor to provide the owner of Customer’s account with notice of any new subprocessors to the extent required under the Agreement, along with posting such updates here. Please check back frequently for updates.



We use Adloop to launch ad campaigns that reach you. Adloop collects only your IP address and no extra personal identifiable information. You can learn more about how Adloop is handling privacy by visiting their policy here:
You can opt-out from Adloop by clicking on the Unsubscribe button, visible at the bottom of the displayed ad.


Alexa Metrics

We use Alexa Metrics to help measure how users interact with our websites. You can learn more on how Alexa Metrics handles privacy settings by visiting their privacy policy ( You can opt-out from the Alexa Metrics tracking by clicking on the following link: I want to opt-out from Alexa Certified Site Metrics.


Ample Organics

We use Ample Organics to store your personal information, and manage your orders. You can learn on how Ample Organics handles privacy settings using Ample Organics’ privacy policy (



We use BackInStock to send you an email notification when a product is back in stock. In order to receive notifications, you need to register and express your consent to receive notifications. You can unsubscribe from Backinstock at any moment, by clicking on "Unsubscribe" at the bottom of the emails sent. You can learn more on how Backinstock handles privacy settings by visiting Backinstock' privacy policy ( 


Findify AB

We use Findify AB to power some of our personalised recommendations, the CannMart search, and collection pages. Findify is collecting an anonymous visitor id and your browsing activity from CannMart. If you do not wish for your browsing activity to be sent to Findify AB, you can decide to opt-out. Please follow the instructions on this page:

You can learn on how Findify AB handles privacy settings by visiting their security portal (



FullStory will collect information such as the details of mouse movements, page scrolling and click activity of individual visitors. We use the data collected by FullStory to identify where visitors struggle the most so that we can improve these areas of our website. If you do not wish your website visit to be recorded by FullStory, follow the instructions on this page:

You can learn how FullStory handles privacy settings using FullStory’s privacy policy ( and terms of use (


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service. Web analysis is the gathering, collection and analysis of data about the behavior of visitors to websites. Among other things, a web analysis service collects data on which website a data subject has come to a website from (so-called referrers), which subpages of the website were accessed or how often and for which period of time a subpage was viewed. A web analysis is mainly used to optimize a website and for the cost-benefit analysis of Internet advertising.

You may prevent the collection of the data by Google as well as the processing of this data by Google by downloading and installing the browser plug-in available under the following link:

Further information and Google‘s applicable privacy regulations can be found at and The following link provides a further explanation of Google Analytics



We use Klaviyo to send you email notifications, for marketing purposes. Please bear in mind that when we send emails for the purpose of direct advertising, we analyze your user behaviour, i.e. what you open and click on. This allows us to draw conclusions regarding your user behaviour, in order to improve our email approach and ensure that you only receive emails and newsletters that are of interest to you. If you want to prevent personalisation and tracking, or you do not agree to processing for the purposes indicated, you can refuse this by changing your profile settings accordingly.

At any moment, you can also unsubscribe from receiving emails, by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each email.



We use Mantis Ad Network to launch ad campaigns that reach you. Mantis collects only your IP address and no extra personal identifiable information. 
You can learn how Mantis handles privacy settings by visiting Mantis' privacy policy: 



We use Paypal to process your transactions, if you choose Paypal as the payment method in the checkout flow. You can learn more how Paypal handles privacy settings by visiting Paypal's privacy policy:



We use Segment to transfer customer information and activity to our other third-party services, in a secure way. To learn about the privacy practices of Segment, please review



We use Sentry error tracking, which collects information regarding runtime errors and crashes. When our developer team reviews the Sentry logs, they do not see any personal identifiable information. We see a console log of runtime messages produced by the CannMart website and javascript error messages that may have occured.

You can learn how Sentry handles privacy settings by visiting Sentry's privacy and security portal:



We use SMSBump to provide alerts when a customer abandons their cart before checking out, and for SMS marketing campaigns. SMSBump solely collects name, phone number, message delivery status and the link interactions. SMSBump will receive your information only when you expressed opt-in consent to receive SMS notifications.

You can learn how SMSBump handles privacy settings and opt-out possibilities using SMSBump’s privacy policy ( and terms of service (

You can also opt-out by sending the text "STOP".



We use Zendesk’s Support Widget to process customer inquiries. When you fill the contact form or enter in contact with our customer success team, you consent to give Zendesk your information such as last name, first name, telephone number, and email address, so that our customer success team can answer your questions.

For more information about Zendesk’s data processing, see Zendesk’s Privacy Policy at

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