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Storz & Bickel

The first thing to stand out about a Storz & Bickel vaporizer is their very distinctive style. Each vape they produce looks like a real machine that outputs real power, making you excited even before activation. The ridges and battery columns and power tool like design have given Storz and Bickel one of the most noticeable designs in the industry.

Most other vaping manufacturers invest time and energy into making their models look as sleek, stylish and modern as possible. However, it is exactly these mechanical features that help Storz & Bickel stand out from the crowd, and the power that comes with it that gives every vape the extra oomph. Storz and Bickel are not just a vape manufacturer, they're a statement.

The Best Hybrid Heat

When you try a Storz & Bickel vaporizer for the first time, it's an experience that stays with you. It starts, in part, with their amazing oven systems, which were one of the first to truly perfect hybrid heat. Hybrid heat these days can be found in plenty of vaporizers, but we'll always remember Storz and Bickel for being the first.

This insane combination of convection taste with conduction speed with the raw power these vapes are capable of produces big hitting, well-toasted vape clouds. They’re the ultimate vaper's dream, and the inclusion of cooling technology also makes the vapor incredibly smooth. Every layer of the vaping experience here is thought of to give the biggest tastes while flowing smoothly into your lungs.

The First Medical Vaporizer

The Volcano was Storz & Bickel's first vaporizer and, in 2014, was named as the world’s first medical vaporizer, making a massive leap forward for the company and the industry, and to this day, they are the only manufacturers to design certified medical vaporizers. This is, in part, due to the level of care and attention that their hybrid-heated ovens were made with.

The balance here is perfect and it really shows on the herbs. The smooth and speed of a Storz and Bickel vape is perfect for getting the most out of the medical herb. If your herb or wax needs are more medical than pleasure, then you really can’t rule out a Storz & Bickel vape.

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