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Rosin Pressing

Welcome to the one-stop shop for all your Rosin Pressing needs. We're thrilled to offer the best high-end Rosin machines at market-competitive prices to expose each of our happy customers to a new type of vaping experience. Turn your Dry Herbs into golden, waxy Rosin concentrates in seconds with one of these appliances. Perfect for dabbing. It's never been easier to press your own Rosin and many of the items in this collection are barely bigger than your toaster and could comfortably fit on your kitchen counter.

Also if you're unfamiliar with what Rosin is, how it works and how it could be benefiting you, feel free to find out more below! We have plenty of information on the best way to press your own Rosin throughout our site and on our blog so up your concentrate game today.

Why Should I Buy A Rosin Press?

I’m sure many of you who are viewing this collection are reeling back from these prices. Dropping 2k+ on any appliance is a big ask, especially when you could probably just buy your own wax. That’s true but we’re here to convince you today that buying a Rosin Press will save you money in the long term.

If you're a wax user more than dry herbs, then in the long term a personal press is the kind of thing you should definitely consider. Within 6 months, easy, you'll have earned your money back in savings. Having your own personal Rosin Press is the next step in taking control of your herbal habit.

What Is Rosin Anyway?

Rosin is essentially a type of concentrate but is distinctive from the butane-hash oil many dispensaries are selling. Despite needing larger pieces of equipment, Rosin is a safer and simpler method of extraction. Given the massive leaps forward in technology in recent years, you can now have one of these amazing machines just taking up a small corner of space in your rooms and have easy access to Rosins all the time.

Rosins and other concentrates are also all known as dabs. Dabs, though usually heated and vaped through a dabbing rig, can also be vaped through a concentrate vaporizer for extra convenience and portability. Dabs usually have to be heated much higher than Dry Herbs just to get them to vaporize. They usually heat twice as hot in order to be consumed.

How Does A Rosin Press Work?

A Rosin Press uses a combination of heat and pressure to literally squeeze the oils out of your flower. You can purchase either a Pneumatic Rosin Press or a Hydraulic Rosin Press to help you squeeze more rosin from your herbs, or you can get a manual press which will be more affordable but requires a lot more force and effort to use.

The heat loosens the bonds and fibers of the flowers, while the pressure itself is what squeezes the oils out along the paper. Milon bags and grease paper are incredibly important to the process as they help keep the plant material out of the oil during the pressing process and the paper is good to scrape up the oil when you’re collecting it.

How Much Will I Save?

With the right know-how, you could easily see a 20-25% return on your bud in pure, rosin oils. You might only get back one-fifth of the material you started with, but the amazing thing about rosin is that it is roughly eight times stronger than dry herb. By this means, despite only getting 20% oil return, you'll enjoy so much more potency than you could ever expect to get with dry herbs.

That’s why buying your own personal Rosin Press is such a good idea. Over time, it’ll begin to pay for itself in how much you’ll save on oil. Consider it a big investment rather than a big purchase.

Some Rosin Tips

Fluffier nugs with plenty of room for the oil to be squeezed out into is best. It’ll create the greatest yield as with denser nugs you’ll find that a lot of the oil gets trapped within the fibers. This just creates wet, oily, pressed nugs that can’t be re-pressed without ruining the flavor of the wax as you do.

The temperature of the press determines what kind of Rosin oil you’re going to get. At the lower temperatures (somewhere between 160°F - 190°F) you’ll end up with a thicker, budder like Rosin. At much higher temperatures 200°F+) you’re going to get a much oilier consistency. You may want to experiment to see which will be for you.

Before pressing the herb, consider leaving the herb between the plates of the Rosin Press at a lower temperature first just to heat them up. This’ll help get the oils flowing and create a greater yield. Then, just bring the plates up to temperature and get pressing. Only 20 seconds should do the trick.

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