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QuickDraw Vaporizers

QuickDraw vaporizers are made with the active vaper in mind. Are you someone who enjoys a session while out camping, days at the beach, or even hitting the slopes? QuickDraw vapes are perfect for you! Years of research and testing bring together a collection of customer focused and high-quality vapes, giving great vapor and flavor with each hit. Rather than sacrificing size or design for functionality, these are some of the slickest and most consistent vapes on the market. Why settle for less?

Their newest vaporizer the QuickDraw 300DLX is creating waves due to its Smart-Cartridge system, helping you keep your dry herb or extracts at optimum temperature while swapping between the two. With a charging time of 60 minutes, one of the lowest available for vaporizers today, and a magnetic USB port you will be able to charge anywhere quickly and safely. Enjoy top-notch vapor with one of the best value pen vaporizers on the Canadian market!

We also sell a selection of cartridges so you can truly customize your experiences. Whether you are someone who enjoys a dry herb mix, an oil concentrate, or a liquid, there is a way to make the 300DLX perfect fo you!

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