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Why Pulsar Vaporizers?

Pulsar Vaporizers - Masters of Discretion

Masters of Discretion

Pulsar Vaporizers recognize that today's modern vapers are busy, and to keep to that area of convenience, they have tailored their vaporizers to be as discreet as possible. With a Pulsar, no one will suspect a thing.

For this reason, Pulsar’s vaporizers are set to stealth their way through your life, always ready to be there when you need a quick vape. The designs are simple, but effective, with matte black options on most of their portable, smaller models. This keeps everything nice and hidden.

Everything You Could Want

Pulsar Vaporizers incorporated everything they could in order to appeal directly to busy, on-the-go vapers. We have subtle, discreet colors on the bodies, in matte textures to avoid glare which would draw attention to the vape. They're also portable, allowing them to be carried around easily, and are luckily small enough to also fit into your pocket.

With Pulsar, many of the features you’re going to see across their vapes are multiple heat settings tied to a one-button system and an LED screen to see exactly what you’re doing.

Pulsar Vaporizers - Everything You Could Want
Pulsar Vaporizers - Small But Powerful

Small But Powerful

Although Pulsar vaporizers may be small, they pack a punch and hold quite a bit of power inside. It has a strong battery life and a good charging time, allowing you to vape much longer throughout the day. It also vapes dry herbs at a hearty 428°F.

The fact that they’ve managed to fit an LED on such a small but power-conscious device has to be commended. It is ultimately the icing on the cake for a piece like this and allows you to really control your vape on the move.

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