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The Puffit Vaporizer is a portable vaporizer that is manufactured by Discreet Vape and it was out in the summer of 2012 it is available in Canada.  Manufactured in China. This model is for both dry herbs and oils (concentrates).  It is known to be one of the most discreet handheld vapes in the market today, it looks like and has the shape of an asthma inhaler.  It is small and compact, therefore it’s a discreet way to enjoy vaping on the go.  If you are looking for an easy to use vape that has a combination of both discretion and elegance, this is your device to buy.  Very little to no odor at all from this vape or any smoke to deal with.  Not only is it durable, it will also give you a wonderful vaporization experience.  Plus, it’s considered to be a pocket vape and not just because it will fit in a pocket but because it is affordable and it will not put a heavy dent in your pocket.  Even though it fits in a pocket you can still feel a little awkward because of the shape of an inhaler.  It’s discretion by far is the biggest advantage of this device over other vaporizers on the market.

The Puffit vaporizer is so easy to use, all you have to do is push firmly on the lid and a red LED light will flash.   It will heat and when it turns green, it’s ready to enjoy.  The heating is really quick.  It is equipped with a rotary dialed temperature wheel that can be adjusted from 250 degrees Fahrenheit to 410 degrees Fahrenheit depending on your personal likings.  It is the only portable vape that uses a forced air system.  It has a fan built in that reduces the draw resistance, but can be a little loud.  If you’re in public, you might want to turn off the fan.  Otherwise it is nice to use the assisted air it helps with pulling vapor.  You can play around with the temperature gauge until you find the amount of vapor that you like. It goes from levels 1-8.  It appears to work quite well at the levels 7 o 8.  When using the highest temperature setting it will still produce a flavorful light vapor.

It also includes a removable stir tool.  This stir tool (called a poker) comes in handy when on the go, you can mix your blend of herbs around in the heating chamber without having to open the cover, therefore you will have zero heat loss.  The gold plated heating chamber is always accurate due to a microprocessor and temperature sensors.  Therefore, your blend will never be too hot or too cold.  It comes with a 90 second automatic shut off feature, with a memory recall that will re-heat the device by pressing the top cover for a few seconds.  One common question that is asked about the Puffit vape, is that how much dry herb does thy chamber hold?  The answer is, it holds about .2 grams of the dry herb blend. I

This vaporizer is charged by a USB charger.  This is a very good selling point due to that now just about everything is charged via USB, so it can easily be connected to a laptop or phone charger.  Before you start using the device you must charge it for two hours.  It is recommended to charge it on a regular basis because when fully charged it will give you about 30-40 heating cycles.  Don’t every get caught with uncharged vape, that is not a cool feeling at all.  Another recommendation on this vape is too not hit it too hard, it will be overpowered.  Also, make sure to grind your dry herb blends it will make a difference and it will vaporize smoothly.   

Pros and Cons of the Puffit Vaporizer:

 Product Pros:

  • Very discreet, the best out on the market
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to load
  • USB charger
  • Heats up really quickly
  • Decent vapor quality, don’t expect huge clouds
  • Great for the price of this unit
  • Available in Canada

 Product Cons:

  • Must work with the unit to get a good taste
  • Controlling it can be a little complicated
  • Quality is minimal due to vape consistency
  • Battery life is not the greatest
  • Vapor flavor is not the best
  • Carry case has “discreet vape” written on it, that makes it not so discreet

Keep in mind that the pros and cons are from different people when asked how do they like the Puffit vape.  Everyone has their own opinion and is entitled to review the product. 

Cleaning the device can be a bit difficult.  Use a little cleaning solution and the cleaning tool included to clean the heating chamber and the cap. 

The Puffit portable vaporizer comes with a one year manufacturer´s warranty for normal use only, which covers if the device is defective in materials and craftmanship.  While the battery comes with a standard 90 day warranty, and it will not cover degradation from use.

This vaporizer is available in the colors black or blue.  Along with the Puffit Vaporizer you get a removable batter, a silicone heat shield, a USB charger and a wall charger, 4 screens, 3 mouthpieces, one concentrate screen, a removable stir tool, a cleaning tool, and a packing tool.  Plus you get the instruction manual and a black carrying case.  A car charger is sold separately as well as spare parts and some accessories.

The Puffit vaporizer is definitely the go to vape when you have to be around people that don´t like or approve of vaping. It’s considered vaporized discretion at the cost of good taste.  The Puffit vaporizer has mastered the art of hiding in sight, therefore it is the perfect vape for you.  The makers of this well thought out product are definitely in the vaping game seriously.  It may not be for everyone, but It is a great portable vape by Puffit fans. Try this amazing vape available in Canada!


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