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Puffco Vaporizer

Puffco launched as a company in 2013, setting their goals at creating products that could give great flavor from essential oils for people who want to get the most out of their ingredients. Four years on and they have very much succeeded, with several products available on the market and a handful of awards that haven't hurt their attempts to cement themselves into the vaping scene.

Hailing from Brooklyn in NY, Puffco has made sleek and discreet devices with futuristic appearances. Not only are their devices futuristic on the outside, but they have also launched the industry forwards through innovative thinking and ingenuity.

Trendsetting Technology

Puffco is dedicated to advancing the standard and benchmark of where the industry should be. Only using full ceramic coils and ovens, and stainless steel exteriors help keep oils from reaching parts of the pens that they shouldn't, and also leads to an easier maintained device.

By focusing on stylish pieces with great battery life, being out and about with your vaporizer has never been easier! They are leading the market in many ways, helping create devices that give their customers the best sessions and the purest vapor.

Concentrate Experts

Puffco Vaporizers deal almost exclusively with concentrates, the strongest and most convenient form of consuming. In their time in the industry, and across multiple models, Puffco has developed an amazing insight into the way concentrates vaporizes and now all of their chambers are designed to get the biggest clouds from all of what you put into the chamber.

So whether they’re constructing their vapes with a coilless ceramic atomizer (Puffco Plus) or with a coiled ceramic oven (Puffco Pro 2), you know you’re getting the best vapor possible.

True Pen Vape Innovators

In the case of the Puffco Plus, Puffco were able to solve the problem of oil seeping into the systems and wiring of your vape pen by embedding the atomizer of the pen into the bottom of the chamber. True pen vape innovation!

And with their large chambers, the Puffco pen vapes offer up the ability to vape quite a lot of concentrate at once. This chamber size is rare to see in pen vapes!

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