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Why Pinnacle Vaporizers?

Pinnacle Vaporizers - Portability Meets Discretion

Portability Meets Discretion

Pinnacle Vaporizers specialize in creating portable pieces of hardware that pack a punch but always just slip right into your pocket after. Perfect for on-the-go vaping and for anyone with a busy lifestyle. Stealthy and very travel-friendly.

Pinnacle vaporizers are shorter than 6” in length and keep their bodies slim so that they fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. The smooth, sleek look doesn’t give away just how much power is lurking behind its body.

Vape What You Want

Pinnacle Vaporizers have a modular bowl system that allows you to switch up what it is you’re vaping. These are called “Bullets” and they come with built-in screens and look similar to shell casings. With these bullets, you can switch back and forth between dry herbs and concentrates very easily.

Pinnacle have also created flavored and unflavored tips for their vaporizers to add an even greater touch of flavor to your vaping. A simple but very welcome accessory that just elevates your sessions to the next level.

Pinnacle Vaporizers - Vape What You Want
Pinnacle Vaporizers - Vaping On-Demand

Vaping On-Demand

Pinnacle Vaporizers have an amazing construction that makes them incredibly dependable vaporizers. These vaporizers come with multiple heat settings and incredibly fast heat-up times to make sure that, when you want a vape, you can have one right there and then. A really worthwhile, on-demand system.

Some extra features you’ll see are ceramic heating elements built into the bullets, as well as an auto-shutoff feature for added safety. Maintenance on the vape is super simple as it comes with all of the cleaning accessories in the box.

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