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Pen Vaporizers

About Pen Vaporizers

Types of Pen Vaporizers Oven - KandyPens

Coil or Full Ovens?

Many vape pens contain either a coil or a full oven - some even have both! But the only difference is how many surfaces the material comes in contact with. Coils heat faster but involve a longer process than a full oven, and as a result can be slightly harsher on the throat.

Ovens, on the other hand, tend to give a cleaner and smoother taste, but take longer than coils. They're also larger, which threatens the portability of the vape when a manufacturer chooses that kind od over. There's also what you're hoping to vape. Typically, most concentrate vaporizers use a coil while dry herbs are able to work quite well in an oven.

Ultimately it is down to personal preference, as everyone leans towards something different! 

Clean and Compact

One of the biggest benefits of pen vaporizers is how easily they can be taken apart and maintained. Fewer parts ultimately mean less mess to clean up, with 9/10 pen vapes simply needing their interior cartridge to be removed and cleaned to be as good as new. So much less maintenance is one of the many reasons why people keep reaching for pen vapes when the market is being overrun by larger vapes claiming to be more powerful.

In general, they also tend to be much more compact than most dry herb vapes. Averaging around 4" long, they fit into any pocket quickly and discreetly! Portability is so incredibly important when it comes to a great vaporizer, and pen vaporizers are the specialty pieces that maximize the flavor into the smallest shell possible. 

Clean and Compact - Pen Vaporizers
Best Pen Vaporizer Brand - KandyPens

Top Brands

One of our top pen brands is KandyPens, a world-renowned favorite. The brand has blown up in popularity recently thanks to a reputation for quality devices and support from celebs like DJ Khaled and A$AP Rocky. Their Gravity Pen has also received out-of-this-world reviews primarily down to its true convection technology and two swappable ceramic ovens.

Another bestseller is the Linx Hypnos Zero, a pen that's set an industry standard for battery length. A sturdy piece made of durable steel, it has a wick-less ceramic oven so your material doesn't touch off anything else and your vapor remains pure!

The Shatterizer is a popular vaporizer that came out recently. Shaking up the look of a traditional pen vape, the Shatterizer was designed to completely maximize the way the vapor flows through your device, creating punchier hits and bigger clouds.

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