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NimbinVap started when a collection of vapers decided to get together and answer the question "How can we make this better?". With years of experience behind them, in industries like pneumatics as well as vaping, they set off on a journey that has brought them to where they are today! With hard work and dedication they have created something beautiful: the NimbinVap Vaporizer! The company is named after Nimbin, a small town in Australia known for environmental sustainability and being green. They wanted to instill that same healthy spirit within their vaporizer company. That's why this vape can do so many things, keeping costs and waste low!

The Ultimate Multitool

 NimbinVap have come a long way from their original vaporizer but their spirit has not changed in the slightest. On a continuous journey to improve, they have come out with some of the most innovative designs in vaping history! Sick of having to cart around multiple pieces for a single purpose, they wanted to create something that would be able to do everything. The original few managed to do up to 8 different functions; the 4.3 (which we sell here in Canada) can manage up to 20! Coming with a guide to show you how to master each function, this is one company that does not want to see its customers bored whatsoever.

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