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Magic Flight

Why Magic Flight?

Magic Flight - Rustic Beauty

Rustic Beauty

All of Magic Flight's vaporizers are handmade in San Diego out of wood. Currently, you can find their vapes in maple, walnut and cherry wood. These small, palm-sized boxes are so portable and, what’s more, you can actually fill them up ahead of time, close the lid and have your vape ready to go whenever you want.

You can see the level of thought and craftsmanship that went into the design and production of each of their models - it's a level that really comes out in the vapor the devices create.

AA Battery Operated

Magic Flight vaporizers, such as the Launch Box or the Maud Dib, work off of an AA battery that is pressed into the body. When pressed all the way in, the vape activates and will take no longer than 5 seconds to heat to its maximum temperature.

This method of operation allows the vaporizers to be super responsive and safe to use, while the fact that it is an AA battery means that you can easily find replacements if needs be. The battery is an amazing touch and makes it super easy to continue vaping throughout the day.

Magic Flight - Battery Operated
Magic Flight - An Instant Classic

An Instant Classic

Magic Flight were one of the first companies in the manufacturing game. Their idea for a simple, handmade, wooden model was a huge hit. Not only is each one gorgeous but the manual control of pressing the battery into the model allowed its fans to really control their vape and, with enough practice, get their ideal vape session every time.

Temperature, heat-up time and cloud thickness are now in their control. This is a vape that has stood the test of time.


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