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GoBoof Vaporizers is a new company that started to manufacture great vapes out of beautiful Ireland, and quickly gain a very good reputation around the United Kingdom (UK) and all around Europe for many different good reasons. All of the GoBoof vapes are now available in Canada and across all of the Americas.

The GoBoof Alfa is currently out of stock. We apologize for this and would like to direct you to one of our many other, fine vaporizers. The Pax 2 happens to be in this vapes price range. You may consider it. CHECK IT OUT!

For someone who wants to buy a portable vaporizer that comes with great features, quality product but doesn't want to spend a fortune, the Goboof vaporizer is one of the best options in Canada. Thousands of GoBoof vape customers around the world are already recommending GoBoof vapes to their friends because they feel this is one of the best product available on the vaping market today and at a very fair and affordable price. Thousands and thousands of customers can’t be wrong!

GoBoof Vaporizers recently came out with a new model, the GoBoof Alpha Vaporizer, which is their main seller in the world right now.  The new GoBoof Alfa vaporizer is a super sleek, stylish and elegant portable vape that is built only with the best materials and components available on the vaping market. It’s a really robust and tough vape, that will go with you anywhere you go and will resist mostly any lifestyle and environment. Some of the great features with this vape are the accurate system that controls the temperature, the overall robust and toughness of the material used for manufacturing and the portability of the unit. All of these great features combined together makes the GoBoof Alpha vape one of the most efficient and affordable vaporizer on the Canadian market. Everything about this portable vaporizer is quite simple, it’s very easy to use and cleaning the device is no problem at all.  With all these “pros” built inside one small portable vape, it’s no wonder why they gained so much popularity in such a short period of time.

As mentioned before, GoBoof Vaporizers company strictly uses the best components to build all of their vapes and one of the most important piece of equipment is the battery. GoBoof Vaporizers company includes with their Alpha vape an amazing battery that will last more than two hours with only one charge. There is an intelligent automatic function that shuts off the vaporizer when it’s not in use. This option is very useful for two reasons, it saves a lot of the battery’s energy and it doesn't burn the herbs inside the heating chamber so that only smooth tasty, quality vapor comes out of the herbs that are being vaped.

GoBoof Vaporizers Canada offers a good warranty on all of their products. Existing customers are very satisfied with the customer service department. The company claims to have one of the best customer attention services in the whole vaporizers industry and are committed to excel in that field. With so much competition in the vaping industry, GoBoof is well aware of the importance of how issues are being solved and how customers need to be treated. Go buy a GoBoof vaporizer, you’ll love it!

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