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Why Flowermate Vaporizers?

All-in-one Flowermate V5.0 Pro

The All-In-One

Flowermate were one of the first companies to truly dedicate themselves to vaping anything, something we here at Namaste Vapes can really appreciate. Many of their vaporizers are modular so that you can easily switch between the dry herb attachments and the concentrate attachments they come with.

Even the vaporizers that aren’t modular are capable of vaping any desired material with just a few changes in the settings. With a good Flowermate, everything the vaping world has to offer is in the palm of your hand.

Your New Vaping Partner

Imagine having an entire vaping collection in one amazing device. Beautifully able to handle both dry herbs and concentrates, devices like these work magic for parties. Passing it around is simple, and if people want to switch up materials used, a simple adjustment is all that's needed to be ready to go once again.

But this vape isn’t a hero because of all of the things it can vape. What if you just want dry herbs? Well, you’ll be safe knowing that Flowermate vaporizers can last for more than 2 hours, with many coming with an OLED screen to keep an eye on your settings.

Arizer Solo II
Flowermate V5.0s mini

Sturdy and Slick

If you’re looking for power and flavor, you might be able to find better. But if you’re in the market for a sturdy, dependable and stealthy vaporizer at a very reasonable price, then a Flowermate might just be for you!

Its slick, matte designs look great, and the sloped edges of the body allow Flowermate’s portable vaporizers to fit into your pocket with ease and discretion. These are the kind of functions that really make a vape great, and matched with such a reasonable price point, the Flowermate is a great purchase for any vaper.

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