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The Firefly 2 is packed with an incredibly advanced convection oven that is one of the fastest at heating dry herb on the market. Quick, easy and convenient, its wide surface area allows for an even vape across your bowl. All your herbs will be vaped at once with amazing consistency, meaning you won't have to peel the cover off and stir nearly as much as other vapes.

The vape works off of a dual-touch sensor system that allows you to comfortably hold the vaporizer in your hand and control the heat at the same time. The vape also detects your breath to open up the airway to help your draw. This manual system is what gives the Firefly 2 vaporizer its edge. Unlike other, digitally controlled vapes, a Firefly leaves everything up to you, so a real vaping master can get their perfect draw every time.

Versatility Meets Control

In order to give you even more control over the heat, the Firefly 2 comes with a Bluetooth compatibility through an app you can download on your smartphone. It’s never been easier to connect your phone to your vape. It's not a new technology, but it's still a function that usually only the high-end vaporizers can afford to add in, so it's no surprise we're seeing it here with the Firefly 2. The Firefly 2 added the function in an era when this function wasn't around much and was one of the first vapes to implement it.

Connecting your phone to your vape, you can set the maximum temperature with a push of a button, and instruct your vape to remember the settings for future sessions too. You can also set your vaporizer to concentrate mode, where it’ll reach temperatures of 500°F, heating your waxes as quickly and as thoroughly as it does your dry herbs.

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