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EDIT Collection

Why Everyone Does It?

EDIT Everyone Does It - Design Process

Customer-Centric Design

Using market research and first-hand experience, the team behind the EDIT collection aimed to create products that would perfectly fit the needs of their customers. But rather than setting out to explore the unknown, they wanted to improve upon what was already available and to listen to what their customers asked for.

Thanks to close links with manufacturers, all products are assembled in the same factories as well-known brands, which ultimately ensures the EDIT team can keep high quality their priority without needing to cut corners.


Thanks to our close relationship with EDIT, we are delighted to be able to share some of their best pieces right here in Canada!

The collection is made exclusively for NamasteVapes, so you won't find any EDIT brand devices on other sites. You can spot authenticity by the EDIT logo proudly placed across the front.

EDIT - Everyone Does It - Exclusivity
EDIT - Everyone Does It - A Brand You Can Trust

A Brand You Can Trust

These amazing models aren't some low quality, mass-produced vapes with cheap bells and whistles aimed at impressing customers. They're made by the good people of EDIT with whom we have built a strong relationship based on a mutual and in-depth knowledge of the industry and of our customers' needs and wants.

We ensure that this knowledge and experience is reflected in each and every product. Tailored to the every-day vaper, these vapes blend convenience with taste, while trimming back on all of the unnecessary features to bring you an amazing vaporizer.

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