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Dr. Dabber

Why Dr. Dabber?

Dr. Dabber - Trademark Technology

Trademark Technology

The Dabber pens use signature low-heat titanium technology within their pens to help create thick, voluminous clouds of vapor. The components used are of the highest quality, refusing to sacrifice flavor for efficiency, and vice versa.

They also come with long lasting batteries, helping make them truly portable. Don't be scared to bring them out and about - these vaporizer pens will be going all day long!

Stylish Design

These pens are next-level appearance-wise. With a stylish matte finish, they quietly portray class, at the expense of making them visibly seen. This is not any old vaporizer you can buy in a shop in your local mall, but rather gives every vaper the VIP experience.

Dr. Dabber pens are more than just a novelty way to inhale essential oils or concentrates, they are a heavyweight contender for replacing other forms of vaporizers. After many different incantions of vapes, the designers finally settled on the form you can see today featured in some of the top magazines in the world, and with good reason!

Dr. Dabber - Stylish Design
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