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Cloud V (the ‘’V’’ stands for vapes) is a very well known American company manufacturing vaping products out of south sunny California USA. They have products for each type of vaporizer substance such as; dry herb, wax, and oil. They manufacture both desktop and portable vaporizers. Most of their vapes are really simple to use and require basic maintenance. In Canada, CloudV has gotten pretty popular quickly because they offer high-quality products for a really affordable price on all of their vaporizers both portable and desktop. They were actually published in the High Time magazine as one of the leading company in the industry. CloudV have a wide range of vapes ready for you to enjoy!

Cloud V manufactures different models of vaporizers. One of their most popular vapes is the Phantom model. The company brings you a new portable and stylish product to enhance to the maximum your vaporizing experience. The Phantom vaporizer is a light portable pen specially designed for dried-herbs good quality vaping. The pen is strongly efficient, yet really discreet, and super simple to use (one of the most user-friendly in its category). Due to its compact pocket size, you can bring it with you everywhere you go and vape anytime you feel like vaping. Although the company wants its vapes to remain user-friendly and as easy to use as possible, you can still add a few options and choose from different designs. Bottom line, the CloudV Phantom model is a very fine vaporizer for dry herb, and its main advantage is its size, it’s fairly small and can hold a good amount of product.

Another great vaporizer that Cloud V distributes across the planet is the Electro model. The CloudV Electro vaporizer has proven to be a very popular portable vape and is already loved by thousands and thousands of consumers worldwide. This model has been gaining more and more popularity in Canada in the last few years due to its long-lasting durability (the vapes are all built with quality parts and solid materials) and outstanding vapor quality that will satisfy any vaping consumer. You can control the desired heating temperature simply by using the main button which is also a mini digital display. Fast heating system and powerful battery are all you will need to enjoy the vaporization. You will always experience nice big clouds of vapor with a clear smooth taste. This vape will require a little maintenance to make sure it maintains its maximum performance and the quality of the vapor stays optimized for a long period of time.

As mentioned before, the Cloud V collection such as Cloud V Terra, Cloud V Electro is a simple line of vaporizers that anybody  can use with basic knowledge. The vapes are offered in Canada at an excellent price, produces great tasty vapor and the most important of all, all CloudV products are guarantee. All vapes have a full one (1) year warranty, if you should have any problem with any of the parts or material. The warranty CloudV includes with all Canadian purchases is to either fix and repair the actual vaporizer or simply exchange it with a brand new one, that simple!

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