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Bongs for Vaporizers

About Bongs for Vaporizers

Bongs for Vapes - A New Direction for Us

A New Direction for Us

While we are a Vaporizer company first and foremost, Namaste Vapes appreciate all elements of smoking and we aim to provide our customers with the very best smoking experience that we can make possible.

So here come the bongs. Bongs are intriguing pieces: while the technical term would be that they are no more than functional scientific pieces of glass, we have a much more different view. We view bongs more so as works of art and that each and every individual piece has its unique elements to it.

Different Shapes, Sizes, Styles and More

Bongs have been around for years and years, and for many, have become their first choice as their favourite way to consume dry herb materials.

Bongs, also known as water pipes, are a filtration device for smoking herbs and can come with an array of different filtration devices, styles, designs and all sorts of shapes and sizes. Take a look below at the current Namaste Vapes bong collection and let us know what you think.

Bongs for Vapes - Different Shapes, Sizes, Styles and More
Bongs for Vapes - Three Easy Steps

Three Easy Steps

How to get a Bong for your Vaporizer...

  1. Add an adaptor to your cart
  2. Choose a Bong
  3. Fit the adapter to your vape, put it into your bong stem... And enjoy the smooth vapor!
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