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Arizer is a Canadian manufacturing company with a reputation for quality and flavor. Arizer have taken the best of this new wave of vaporizer technology and created some truly magical pieces that are sure to last. With their specialties lying in aromatherapy-handled vapor and the amazing taste their heat system can produce, Arizer aim to be every dedicated vaper's go-to products. Picking up one of these vaporizers for the first time, you'll see just how unique they really are. No other vaporizer company on the market operates the way Arizer does and it's made them one of the best names in the vaporizer game worldwide. See below for the kind of innovation Canada is capable of.

Portable Aromatherapy

If you’re looking for an unmatched taste experience, look no further than the amazing Arizer vaporizer. To really test how well the Arizer vaporizers work, you can easily try it out with a series of other aromatic materials other than dry herb, such as lavender or lemongrass.

An Arizer vaporizer vapes them just as well and instills your room with a beautiful fragrance. It's this kind of attention to detail in its heating system that Arizer are famous for, creating some of the best tastes on the market.

What has really set Arizer's vaporizers apart from the rest is in the way they load a chamber. They load their herb through the mouthpiece on the vast majority of their vapes. This design choice has a profound effect on the airflow that allows the true taste of the flower to come out.

Convenient, On-Demand Vapor

We believe vapes should be seamless and should do the work for the vaper, and this is exactly what Arizer has achieved. Constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of vaping, Arizer has even created desktop vaporizers controllable by remote, something which no other desktop vaporizer is currently able to do. Their more recent models come with full temperature control and LED screens to keep the control with the user.

Recently, the Arizer Argo has also come out and taken every innovation Arizer have recently made with their portable models and applied it to a new vape that takes portability to the next level.

It's small yet effective innovations like these that set them apart as people's go-to vapes. Their portable models get smaller and faster to use with each new product launch, meaning they can be taken anywhere with ease and discretion.

Perfect Convection Heat

What would be a perfectly tasting vaporizer without a good convection oven? Conduction ovens have their benefits, but convection is known for its flavor, and thankfully Arizer have these in spades. All of their vaporizers are either full convection or, at the very least, hybrid heated.

Many people in the vaporizer community already know that vaping your herbs and concentrates is a lot healthier for you than combusting them. Arizer, with their special aromatherapy, convection-style heat will take your herbs to the next level.

Apart from the flavor, these vapes also draw out all of the essential cannabinoids much more efficiently, leading to an overall healthier and smoother session. You can’t go wrong when you put your herbs into the hands of Arizer - Canada’s #1 vape makers.

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