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7th Floor

Make sure to check out the rest of our amazing Desktop Vaporizers Right Here! 7th Floor has nearly taken over the vape scene in Canada.The 7th Floor Vaporizer Company manufactures strong and reliable products proudly built in the United States of America. All vaporizers comes with a three year manufacture’s warranty, making 7th Floor company second to none for customer satisfaction worldwide and in Canada. Their focus is quality, efficiency and durability.

The company claims that design function is the unique most important aspect to keep in mind when developing a new vaporizer product. You will notice that they have kept all their vapes as user-friendly as possible, and they’ve done it real well. They also invest a lot of time and effort in the look of their products, all their vapes are incredibly beautiful and detailed. Art is totally part of their assembling process.

The fact that they are one of the most popular company in Canada does’nt necessarily mean they’re the most expensive. Actually 7th Floor vaporizers are recognized for their high quality products, really similar to the top quality found in higher-end craftsmanship vaporizers, but are sold at a very affordable price all around the world including in Canada. They have one of the best quality-price relation in their category, your pruchase will definitely last you for many years to come as long as you take good care of it (use the protection case included with your purchase and unplug it when not vaping will help to keep it functioning properly).

One of their superstar product is the famous Silver Surfer Vaporizer (also know as SSV), an affordable amzing whip- style vape. This is by far one of the most popular vaporizer on the planet, and for many reasons. Aside the quality and efficiency of the Silver Surfer Vaporizer, it also offers  many different customizations possibilities. It comes in different color options and many different art designs are available, so you can cutomize it before you vape it!

Another great product from 7th Floor is their amazing Da Buddha vaporizer. It’s a powerful whip-style vaporizer that features a hands-free option, and produces high quality vapor. The Da Buddha model became very popular in Canada because of its aggressive low price.

7th Floor features many different models of vaporizers and most of them are available all across Canada. Here are some of their most popular models (beside the Silver Surfer Vaporizer and the Da Buddah) : Life Sabor Vaporizer, Da Buddah DLX, SSV DLX and the Da Buddah Sider are some of the most distributed models around North America and Europe.

They’ve sold over hundread thousands vaporizers worldwide with thousands of satisfied customers all over the world, thousands of satisfied customers here in our Canadian homeland. The company have been in business for over ten years and is one of the top vaporizers manufaturers in the world. They really focus on quality parts (most of them are all American made parts), simple user friendly functioning of the product, and a perfect touch of beautiful arts on all their products.

7th Floor is right at the top of the recommended vaporizers all over the world.


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