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Why are people googling medical cannabis?

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Now more than ever, people are looking to buy cannabis online, but why would that be? Perhaps, the easiest way to answer that question is by giving it a little bit of context. Passed in mid-2018, and effective since October 17, 2018, Bill C-45, or what has become commonly known as The Cannabis Act, has marked a radical shift in Canada’s culture.

In effect, this landmark piece of legislation has brought about the nationwide legalization of cannabis and followed a decades-long battle for activists and legislators to have the substance legalized and partially decriminalized, eroding a social stigma that has hounded cannabis for years. In fact, you could go so far as to say it’s been a century in the making, as cannabis was first criminalized in Canada during the 1923 prohibition.

New laws are now in place which gives Canadians more access than ever before to this versatile plant [*]. And with new laws come fantastic new services like CannMart, which gives consumers a diverse range of affordable products. With a commitment to fair pricing and discreet delivery, CannMart is Canada’s first choice for medical cannabis due to its wide range or products, commitment to education, and competitive pricing. 

Why choose CannMart?


CannMart is staffed by experienced, knowledgeable professionals who want to help you access to the medicine you need. CannMart has a discreet delivery system with plain packaging and free shipping for all orders over $100. 

Seamless registration


The first step is simple: talk to your own healthcare professional and find out if medical cannabis is the right step for you. Alternatively, register for a free online consultation with CannMartMD. After that, register with CannMart using an easy online registration form. Once this is done, your approved medical documents will be matched with your registration and you're ready to start shopping.

CannMart, Health Canada, and NamasteVapes 


CannMart is staffed by a passionate and dedicated team who want to make their customer’s journey be as smooth as possible. This is made all the more possible by their association with NamasteVapes, one of the largest providers of herbal vaporizers in Canada. 

CannMart was the first company to receive an ACMPR (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations) sales-only license from Health Canada. This allows CannMart to operate as a one-stop marketplace, featuring cannabis products and accessories from multiple suppliers, giving you maximum choice. 

Craft cannabis


More and more customers want to know exactly where they’re getting their products from, and getting locally sourced items are is on everyone’s priority list. That’s why CannMart sells premium cannabis cultivated by small-batch producers with  real passion for their plants. Patients will have access to an unprecedented amount of strains that can help them potentially resolve health issues and complaints.

Anyone Canadian (aged 19 years or older) can apply for a free medical cannabis consultation through the CannMartMD app. 

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