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What your dried cannabis flower label really means

For those who are new to medical cannabis, you likely have questions about how to decipher the information on your dried flower label. You may be wondering, what does all of this information mean?

It’s normal to feel a little confused at the beginning of your cannabis journey, especially since cannabis is only just beginning to become less stigmatized and there hasn’t been very much widespread education about the plant.

We’re here to help demystify the content on your label to help you consume it safely, as well as choose the right product to meet your needs. 


1. Standardized cannabis label


Health Canada’s warning symbol appears on all products that contain THC to indicate its intoxicating effects. 

2. Product name


This is the name of the strain that you purchased from our online store. 

3. THC and THC total


On your cannabis label, you’ll notice two different amounts of THC; the ‘THC’ amount in your product will differ from the ‘Total THC’ amount. The ‘THC’ amount is how much THC is in your product prior to heating, whereas the ‘Total THC’ amount is the potency of your product once heating. 

These amounts differ due to the process of decarboxylation, which occurs when you heat raw cannabis flower during combustion (smoking) or vaporization. When cannabis flower is heated by a flame when smoking, or by the heating chamber when vaping, the THCA (one of the non-intoxicating compounds) transforms into the active THC (the intoxicating compound), which is why the ‘Total THC’ is higher on your product’s label [*]. 

4. CBD and CBD total


Just as THCA becomes THC when heated during combustion or vaporization, CBDA, the acidic precursor to CBD, turns into CBD when decarboxylated. When heated, CBD’s potentially therapeutic properties can be experienced [*]. The ‘CBD’ amount and ‘Total CBD’ will differ slightly due to this process. 

5. Packaging date and expiry date


Unless there is specific information about the expiry date of the product, it’s acceptable for Licensed Producers (LPs) to say ‘Expiry date not determined.’ The packaging date will always appear on the label.

6. Net weight 


At CannMart, we offer dried flower in two sizes: 3.5g or 7g. The net weight on your label indicates the size of herb you ordered. 

7. Recommended storage


This section will outline recommendations on how to store your dried flower to maximize its freshness.

8. Lot number


In case an LP recalls its product, this number may be useful. 

9. Warning


On your cannabis label, you will see a warning section in yellow. Health Canada includes this information on each cannabis product, and you can read more cannabis warnings here

10. Opening instructions


This section demonstrates how to open the product using imagery. 


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