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What is rosin?

You may have heard of the increasingly popular solventless extract called rosin, but you may be wondering what it is.

Rosin is a process of extracting the resinous sap from cannabis flowers, hash, or kief. It’s increasing in popularity due to the fact that the process doesn’t require any foreign substances, creating a solvent-free end product that is sappy and, depending on the temperature used, can range in colour from gold, amber, green, brown, to nearly translucent. Similar to shatter, which is a hardened, translucent wax made from cannabis extract, rosin is a full-spectrum concentrated form of cannabis.

How is rosin made?

When resin is extracted using a combination of heat and pressure, rosin is created. When extracted properly, rosin maintains its terpene and cannabinoid potency, which are the compounds responsible for the strain’s unique flavour, aroma, and potential health benefits.

How to make rosin

First, purchase some of the cheapest cannabis on the market at our online store. Then, to make your own rosin, you can either use a rosin press or make your own version by putting your bud or kief in a piece of parchment paper and press it with a hair straightener for a few seconds. The rosin will be squished outside of the bud, and you can use your dab tool to gather the material. You can repeat this process several times with the same bud or kief to ensure you get all of the rosin possible, however you may find that the first press gives you higher quality and a better terpene profile than the following presses because of increased heat. 

How to consume rosin

There are a few different ways to consume rosin. You can dab the rosin using a dabbing rig, add it to a joint or the bowl of your pipe or bong, vape it, or add it into an edible recipe for extra potency.

Rosin requires lower temperatures than other concentrates since it doesn’t remove any fats or lipids. Vaping rosin at a lower temperature also allows you to experience the full terpene profile as well as create a more delayed intoxication. Set your vape anywhere between 250° and 280°C to get the most out of your concentrate.

How to store rosin

The best way to store rosin is in an airtight glass container in a dark, dry place, such as a cupboard or pantry. If you’re planning on storing your rosin for an extended period of time, you can store it in the fridge or freezer. When you take your rosin out of the fridge or freezer, you’ll want to let it warm up to room temperature slowly before breaking the seal, otherwise you risk some of the moisture condensing and entering the concentrate. If your container isn’t airtight, you pose the risk of moisture contamination, which will lead to a harsher smoke.

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