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What Is Better to Buy; Dried Flower or Pre-Rolls?

What is Better to Buy, Dried Flower or Pre-Rolls?

No matter which method you currently adopt in using cannabis, learning about other ways can always spice up your routine. You can purchase your medical marijuana in various forms, including dried flower and pre-rolls. Therefore, you can opt for whichever one provides you with more convenience, fits your budget, or your mood!

Here, we’ll help you make the right decision about which form of cannabis to go for between pre-rolls and dried flowers; their differences, and their advantages over one another.

Differences Between Dried Flower and Pre-rolled Cannabis 

Some essential factors distinguish dried flowers from pre-rolled cannabis. Some of these differences include:

A dried flower is the buds of the cannabis plant that has been processed and dried. Pre-rolled cannabis, on the other hand, is essentially the same dried flower, but that has been prepared by the vendor, brand, or dispensary in pre-packed joints.

As the name implies, pre-rolls are already-rolled cannabis; hence, they eliminate the need to grind, roll, or seal yourself before smoking. This means you can begin smoking immediately after purchasing pre-rolled processed cannabis. Dried flowers, on the other hand, still need to pass through more processes, including grinding, rolling, and either rolling up or packing into a smoking piece of your choice. Hence, if you opt for dried flower cannabis, you can’t begin smoking immediately. Buying dried flower means you have to learn how to roll cannabis yourself if joints are the way you want to go.

Pros of Buying Dried Flower 

There are several advantages of buying dried flower that you might not get if you opt for pre-rolls. The advantages include:

It is more affordable: The cultivators/vendors have less processing to do before selling dried flowers (except for the standard drying, curing and testing). Therefore, it is a cheaper option and best if you want to purchase in bulk. 

It is more suitable for use with vaporizers: Vaporizers, either portable or desktop, can make use of dried herbs. This is a significant advantage over pre-rolls which cannot be emptied conveniently into vaporizers. 

Multiple usage methods: You can use dried flowers in whichever way you want. Hence, you can roll it into a joint or put it into pipes. If you're going to smoke in a larger gathering, perhaps amongst your friends or alone, you can use a bong or other method.

New strains and flavor: Dried cannabis flowers allow you to try new strains and flavors without stress. You can purchase dried flowers of different flavors and smoke separately or grind them together to give a unique taste. 

Satisfaction: There’s a level of satisfaction some users experience with personal joint preparation or rolling. So if you prefer rolling your blunt yourself, this is an added advantage of getting dried cannabis flowers. 

Versatile: If creating your own edibles or infusing products is up your alley, then buying larger amounts of dry cannabis so you can decarboxylate and prepare yourself makes dried flower a better choice.

Cons of Buying Dried Flower

  • Problematic or intimidating for new users
  • Dried cannabis flower is not ideal for new cannabis users who do not own a vaporizer, pipe or cannot prepare a joint themselves.
  • Preparation of a large volume of dried cannabis flowers may be stressful
  • With dried cannabis flower use, you would have to purchase other smoking accessories like grinders, vaporizers, rolling paper, rolling trays, etc. This added cost must be put into consideration when going with the dried flower variant.

Pros of Buying Pre-rolled Cannabis

If convenience is your top priority, then pre-rolled cannabis joints are a better option for you. Whether you’re a new user or you’ve been using Cannabis for a while, pre-rolls offer a lot of benefits which include:

General convenience: If you won’t like going through the stress of grinding and rolling your cannabis before you begin medical or recreational use, then this is the right choice for you. Since the grinding and rolling are done already, you can start smoking immediately. It is also a suitable option for those who want to smoke on the go. If you’re physically incapable of grinding and rolling your cannabis for several reasons like chronic pain or arthritis, pre-rolls are the best choice. 

Good for new users: As a new cannabis user, you might first need to learn how to grind, filter, and roll cannabis before you begin to use it. Pre-rolled cannabis helps to eliminate this long process. It Is, therefore, perfect for those who are new to smoking. 

Multiple flavors: Pre-rolls also have multiple flavors which you can choose from, so you can mix and match when purchasing.

Budget-friendly: It allows you to stay within your budget, as you can purchase as many rolls as you want. You can also calculate how long you want the rolls to serve you by selecting how many you wish to use at a time. 

More presentable: Today, Pre-rolled cannabis joints are rolled using machines. Hence, they are neater and more presentable. 

Easy to dispose: Just like a cigar or cigarette, you can dispose of pre-rolls without worrying about storage. This provides discretion if you do not want to keep larger amounts of cannabis around.


Cons of Buying Pre-rolled Cannabis 

  • Cost: It is a bit more expensive than dried flowers since the processing charges will be included

  • Uneven Burn rates: Cannabis users often may experience a variable burn rate with pre-rolled cannabis. This may negatively impact your experience as smoking is best enjoyed when there is an even burn rate or intake of the active principles. 

  • Quality of Cannabis: When purchasing a pre-roll, you can't see the cannabis itself to gauge its quality; meaning its look, scent and feel. So users have to rely on the quality labels given by the manufacturer.

  • Not traditional: To a lot of users, the process of rolling a blunt or joint is quite enjoyable. Depending on the preference of the user with pre-rolls, you miss out on this experience.


Both dried flower and pre-rolls are a good choice depending on individual preferences. If you are a newbie or want the highest convenience while using Cannabis, pre-rolls are a better choice for you. On the other hand, if you enjoy the traditional way of preparing a joint yourself, you need cannabis for your vaporizer, or you want to save a little cash, then opt for the dried cannabis flower variant.

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