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What Are Concentrate Vaporizers and How Do I Use Them?

Concentration Vaporizers, or vapes for short, are electronic devices engineered to release the active ingredients and therapeutic compounds of your desired plant material or extracts into atomized vapour. Vaporizers heat your dry herb or concentrate just below the point of combustion to release only vapor with little to no smoke being produced.

Vaporizers are made of glass, metal or plastic parts The extracted vapor may be collected in an inflatable bag or inhaled directly through a hose or pipe. When used correctly, cooler temperatures (due to lack of combustion) result in significantly more efficient extraction of the materials.

Since no plant matter or concentrate is being combusted or “burned”, the smoke produced is not as harsh as other annihilation methods. Vapor is more flavorful and smoother to inhale than smoke, making a consumer's experience more enjoyable and comfortable for the user.

Categories of Vaporizers

There are two categories of vaporizers. They are;

1) Desktop

2) Portable. 

Desktop vaporizers are powerful stationary devices for large consumption, at-home users. Portable vapes, on the other hand, are designed for on-the-go cannabis consumption. 

The demand for cannabis vape pens has continued to increase due to certain unique advantages vaping offers. The benefits are clear: the ease of use, the discretion of medicating without the typical cannabis smell, and the fact that vaporizing is easier on your lungs than smoking. There are many options available, so it is essential to know what to look for before going off and investing a large sum of money. 


A dry-herb vaporizer uses the ability of cannabinoids like THC to be transformed into water vapor at lower temperatures than needed to combust plant material. This means that no actual smoke is produced when you use a vaporizer as the material can be turned from liquid to gas without igniting. Dry-herb vapes are beneficial because you are heating cannabis in its natural, raw state. This is one of the smoothest ways to inhale cannabis for some consumers. The pen has a chamber that you pack with ground herb, much like the bowl of a pipe.

The primary concern with dry-herb vapes is the price. You get what you pay for. In contrast, there are dry-herb devices available for relatively cheap; the higher the cost of the vaper, the higher the quality of the vape. Dry-herb vapes are meant to be reused and typically come with a cord to charge them.


Most concentrates can be vaporized but require a wax friendly vape to do so. The two significant categories of concentrate vape pens are those meant for wax and those meant for liquid, oil concentrates. 


As these concentrates are more potent than the dry-herb they are made from, not much is needed when loading the pen’s chamber. Vapes with dedicated chambers are of a higher quality and require maintenance regularly. Accumulation of undesirable concentrate residue will occur; how much build-up will depend on the consistency and cleanliness of the concentrate. Most wax vaporizers can be cleaned using a cotton swab and alcohol.

OIL Cartridges

Vape pens that utilize oil concentrate typically come in either pre-filled cartridges that are screwed into a battery or a specific chamber included with some high-end vaporizers. Most oils on the market today are preloaded in a cartridge, so you screw it into the battery. Standard 710 thread batteries for these cartridges either have a single button that powers the unit or are buttonless and activate automatically when you inhale. The quality and strength of pre-filled cartridges vary depending on how the LP has produced and packaged the product. Cartridges come in either plastic with a wick system that draws the oil in or high-end glass and metal with dual coils in the cartridge center.


The word “vape” generally refers to all of the following parts into one complex unit. Each of these components can be replaced easily through maintenance kits, replacements or mods available like different colours.

The Device

These devices are often self-contained and may come with built-in atomizers and tanks, which you may be able to remove and replace as you wish.

The Atomizer

Atomizers are arguably the most crucial components of a vaporizer device. They are heat resistant parts that usually come built into your device, or have replacements that come separately. An atomizer’s main job is to heat your cannabis in concentrate or flower form to produce vapor. These tanks are made to produce large vapor clouds, so they’re preferred among cloud-chasers and tricksters.

There are various types of chambers available and each comes with their own advantages and disadvantages. A common chamber that comes with dedicated vape pens is those that have atomizers made of a metal coil that vaporizes concentrate through conduction heating. Most chambers have a single or double coil atomizer. A single-coil atomizer uses less battery power but takes slightly longer to heat a larger volume of concentrate. A dual coil takes less time and creates more vapor overall but consumes more battery power as well.

You can also find coil-less chambers that use quartz, ceramic, or titanium atomizers instead. Quartz atomizers heat up quite quickly, keep flavour pure, and retain heat for a shorter amount of time, however they are more likely to succumb to wear and tear. Titanium atomizers heat quickly, are very sturdy, can retain heat for an extended period but may detract from the overall flavor of the concentrate. Ceramic atomizers are fantastic for maintaining the taste of the concentrate, hold heat longer than other materials, but take the longest to heat up initially. Depending on what feature is most important to you, choosing the appropriate atomizer will enhance your wax vaping experience.

The Tank

The tank is where the e-liquid is stored. If you’re using a disposable device, the tank is typically referred to as the cartridge. Often, vape tanks are the first thing a user will buy or replace because they can drastically alter the vaping experience with features like adjustable airflow.

The Battery 

The battery is what powers the vape. Lithium-ion batteries are generally the best choice for vapes because they’re rechargeable, but many options are available. The goal is typically to provide ample power without taking up too much space or weighing down the device.


A vaporizer, known as a vape, is a device used to vaporize substances for inhalation. Plant substances can be used, commonly cannabis, tobacco, or other herbs or blends of essential oils. Unlike smaller, self-contained e-cigarettes, vape mods are made up of various components that can be swapped in or out, which solely relies on the needs and desires of the user.

 Understanding the different parts of vape mods is essential because it helps you create a completely customized vape and, in turn. This completely customized vaping experience matches your desired preferences. No matter the intended use, medicinal or recreational, there is an ideal vape for every user based on individual preferences and device specifications.

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