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Want to learn more about cannabis? Check out our favourite resources

Whether you’re a seasoned user or a newbie, it’s natural to want to learn more about this ancient plant you’re using as medicine before you purchase cannabis.

We’re sharing more resources to help you learn about -- and get inspired by -- cannabis.  

Our most popular, educational blogs:






  • The Cannabis Manifesto -- The Cannabis Manifesto analyzes our relationship with this ancient and potentially healing plant. Author Steve DeAngelo speaks to how and why cannabis can be used as a catalyst for wellness.
  • CBD Oil - Everyday Secrets -- Author Gretchen Lidicker talks about the power of cannabidiol (CBD) oil, and how it’s being adopted by many for its potential anti-anxiety, antioxidant, and pain-relieving properties.
  • The Medical Cannabis Guidebook -- With practical information about different symptoms and ailments that cannabis can potentially help to alleviate, this is a great book to have on-hand to answer cannabis-related questions.




  • CannaInsider -- Looking to learn about the leaders in the cannabis industry as well as the business of cannabis? Tune in to CannaInsider, a podcast that interviews those spearheading the world of medical cannabis.
  • The Grow Show --  If you’re interested in learning about how cannabis is grown and all parts of the cultivation process, this is the podcast for you. 
  • The Potcast -- Mainly about cultivating cannabis, this show brings on doctors, lawyers, and politicians for in-depth interviews about the industry.

Instagram accounts:



  • Women Who Weed Club, AKA @womenwhoweed -- This is an all-women cannabis community that shares cannabis resources, news, and stories. 
  • Carley Nadine, AKA @truenorth.wellness -- Carley is a holistic nutritionist who focuses on CBD and herbal education. Visit her account to learn how to infuse CBD into your recipes and lifestyle.
  • Cannabis Feminist, AKA @cannabisfeminist -- Celebrating female-empowered cannabis consumption through thoughtful content, The Cannabist Feminist features women in the cannabis industry with the aim to uplift those who identify as a woman.




  • Grow with Jane -- Want to learn how to grow your own cannabis? This app takes you through each step of the cultivation process, from germination to the flowering stage, by helping you set up calendars, reminders, charts, and other tools to help you successfully grow your plant.
  • High there -- Looking to meet other cannabis enthusiasts? This app is a self-proclaimed ‘one-stop hub for cannabis resources, conversations, and community’ that can help you feel part of the insider cannabis culture.
  • Droppy -- If you’re looking for a little guidance on CBD dosage, Droppy helps you calculate your perfect amount based on your weight, age, and symptoms. Plus, it helps to remind you when to take your medicine so that CBD can easily become part of your regime.

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