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Topicals, Lubes and Cannabis

By: Aly K. Benson

Topicals are taking the cannabis industry by storm with new products hitting a whole new demographic. Why? Topicals appeal to users in search of a different experience that cannabis has to offer. From bath bombs to massage oils, skincare and lubricants, consistent cannabis users and beginners alike are becoming more and more intrigued by what cannabis and hemp topicals have to offer. 

Topical users claim to find great relief and benefits in this product category. Depending on what kind of topical you are looking for and your desired experience, you may end up choosing a hemp product. Hemp topicals are popping up all over the Canadian market. With high amounts of Omega 3, 6 and 9 hemp has all the fatty acids to be a great option for skin and hair application. The newest addition to this category is lube!

Cannabis or hemp lubricants are finally joining the topicals category in Canada with affordable pricing. You can expect that all those fantastic types of lubes out there now have CDB and THC options! Everything from water based lubes, silicone-based, hybrids and flavoured. If you have sensitive skin check the labels and look for vegan and natural options. The only difference is, hemp CBD or THC extract or distillate is added. It is important to remember all topicals including lube will vary in offerings determined by the ingredients and brand producing it.

What to expect

As stated earlier before, like all non-infused lubricants, cannabis lubricants’ consistency and viscosity vary from product to product. You might purchase a product with all-natural ingredients and no additives, and you may find flavoured options. At the end of the day it’s your choice on the product you bring home with you and you must be comfortable with your options. Users of both CBD and THC topicals have reported a change in sensation, though experiences vary. Cannabis and hemp lubricants can be used in the same context as non-infused lubricants. 

How to use

With all THC or CBD infused products, always start with a smaller amount. Add a drop or two of infused lube to your favourite everyday water-based lubricant to create your own personalized mix. Remember, that absorption rates are higher and faster when using vaginally or anally. For each use adjust the amount to your desired effects. 


Universally, all cannabis and hemp products should be stored in a cool, dry location. It’s also important to keep your topicals out of direct sunlight and heat to avoid changes to consistency, scent and potency. Whether you have CBD, THC, hemp or a combination of them all, you should always take care of how you store your lubricants and topicals. 

While cannabis lubricants might not be for everyone (and that’s ok), it is highly favoured among medical cannabis patients. With options for oral, vaginal and anal usage, lube products might be your new favourite cannabis product. Most of these topicals come at affordable prices in both hemp and cannabis forms. Many users have left reviews reflecting their optimism around cannabis lubes and how some have experienced an increase in comfort level. Lubricants are first and foremost a pleasure product and by adding hemp, THC or CBD it will elevate your experience with cannabis.

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