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Why we love our glass tasters


A CannMart exclusive, these glass tasters will be your new favourite way to consume dried cannabis. Here's why:

They're pre-packed and ready to use

With glass tasters in some of our most popular strains, such as Sensi StarBoogie ShoesWhite WidowSweet Dreams, and Cold Creek Kush, each is pre-packed with 0.25 grams of premium, lab-tested, cannabis.


To use, simply remove the pipe from the child-resistant package and detach the plastic cap at one end that holds the cannabis in place. Light the cannabis-filled end and inhale through the round opening on the other end. That’s it!


Always remember to start low and go slow when trying new strains. Begin with just one puff and wait for the effects to kick in before consuming more.


They don't require papers, filters or grinders 

Each glass tater pipe is pre-packed with your chosen strain, meaning you don’t need to grind it on your own. It also eliminates the cost and time associated with purchasing papers, filters, and rolling your own joints.


From a health perspective, it also means that you’re inhaling only the smoke and combusted plant matter, nothing else. 


They're portable, discreet and convenient

Measuring under 9cm long and only 1.25cm wide, our glass taster pipes are endlessly portable and will fit discreetly in most pockets, purses and childproof travel containers.  This allows you to easily carry pre-packed strains in your pocket for when you need them most.


They're the most affordable way to try new cannabis products

Our glass taster pipes make trying new strains easier and more affordable than ever. Instead of having to purchase a pouch of an unknown strain, you can sample new products in a convenient 0.25g format. This allows you to experience something new without spending a lot. Plus, it's a great way to get to know a selection of products from a particular Licensed Producer.


They're recyclable and reusable

Each glass taster pipe is made from high-quality glass. Each part of the product, including the small plastic cap and the child-proof outer package is fully recyclable. Plus, once the pre-packed cannabis has been used, the pipe can be easily cleaned and re-packed with your favourite strain, ready for your next session.


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