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Must have Smoking Accessories

Smoking shouldn’t have to be stressful, and with the right accessories, the entire process can be a lot more enjoyable. If you’ve decided to enhance your Cannabis intake experience as a medical cannabis user or a recreational user, you’re in the right place. Here, we’ve outlined some common smoking accessories that can make all the difference. They include:

A Grinder

Grinding your dried herbs within your palms or with odd objects may not be convenient. Using a quality grinder would be a more desirable option. Cannabis grinders are small canisters with teeth. All you have to do is put your dried cannabis flowers into the grinder, twist then allow the grinder to reduce everything put into it into smaller pieces. With smaller-sized cannabis particles,  there’ll be even burning, which means more of the active principles would be released. If you’re looking for an easy way to enjoy your smoking without delay, you should get a grinder.

Rolling Machine

If you like to roll your weed yourself and don’t like pre-rolls, you may consider getting a rolling machine. Rolling machines are built so that you can put in the rolling paper, add your dried cannabis flowers and roll the machine to produce a neatly rolled joint. The machine will provide you smoother and better rolls that’ll burn evenly. Rolling machines are suitable for both new users and seasoned users. Operating the device isn’t challenging; it’s pretty easy, and when in doubt, follow the directions in the manual to set it up.

Rolling papers

This is a must-have for every cannabis user that prefers to smoke joints. Your rolling paper will contain the Cannabis you want to smoke. Once you light it up, it burns the Cannabis, and you can enjoy the full taste. There are various types of rolling papers ranging from white paper, brown paper, wood pulp paper, banana peels e.t.c at all times, get a rolling paper that suits your personal preference.

Odor proof bags

Cannabis has a strong smell which makes it challenging to move around. Walking around with the smell of Cannabis in your bag might not be convenient to several users. The good news is that with odor-proof bags, that problem is solved. With this bag, you can stash cannabis and move around without you or people around you perceiving its pungent smell.

Storage containers

Keeping Cannabis fresh is essential to the overall usage process, especially if you purchase cannabis in large quantities. Leaving your Cannabis in whatever form (mostly dried flowers) in the open can reduce its freshness. You can avoid this happening by getting a tightly sealed storage container. Such containers are usually odor-proof, and some usually come with a grinder. They also come in different sizes depending on the quantity of Cannabis you want to keep. You can also carry your Cannabis around in its storage container.

Glass cleaning solution

If you smoke with a bong or glass pipe, you will have to do regular cleaning. There may be bacteria build-up in the bong or pipe opening put into your mouth if it isn’t cleaned often. Hence, it would help if you had a cleaning solution suitable for this exact purpose. With a glass or general cleaning agent, you can prevent dirt and microbial build-up on your smoking accessories.

Joint holder

There are several joint holders you can purchase, ranging from single joint holders to multiple joint holders. As the name implies, joint holders will help to keep your rolled Cannabis neat on a stand. You can then pick them up when you need them.

Tabletop Lighter

With this item, you can say goodbye to searching for a lighter every time you need to smoke. Handheld portable lighters are easy to misplace, but with tabletop lighters, you are always covered. You can place tabletop lighters permanently on your table and use them whenever you need them. There are fancy tabletop lighters you can buy that help beautify your room as well.

A pipe

Whether you’re new to smoking Cannabis or you are a regular user, you may want to look into getting a pipe. For newbies, using a pipe saves them the stress of learning how to roll joints before smoking. It is an ideal smoking accessory for outdoor smoking. If you’re in an open area where rolling your paper is challenging, your pipe can always come to the rescue.


Bongs are a safer and more classic accessory used for smoking. It is safer because it helps to remove some harmful substances in your smoke. It does this by filtration through the water. Bongs also provide you with a better taste of the cannabis flavor while smoking.

Metal poker 

Have you been looking for an accessory you can use to clear your clogged pipe or to pull out gunk from your bong? Metal pokers can undoubtedly help. These are tiny pieces of metal used for a variety of purposes. It can even be used to pack joints. Its Portability means you can easily take it anywhere you go. No matter its use, Once you’re done using this accessory, you can clean it with alcohol.

A rolling tray

You will need a rolling tray if you choose to do the rolling yourself. People who smoke pre-rolls may not need this. However, if you prefer the traditional process of grinding, sorting, and rolling your joints, a rolling tray is an essential accessory you should get. It provides you with a flat surface to smoothly roll your joints. Using this accessory is easy. You have to place your rolling paper flat on it, fill it with the quantity of Cannabis you want to smoke, and roll the paper gently without picking it up.


When it comes to smoking Cannabis, there are some essential accessories you need to make your smoking more enjoyable. You don’t necessarily have to purchase every item listed out here. Just look for the right ones that are suitable for your style of smoking and go for them. These products listed will help to take your smoking experience to a new level of convenience.

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