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How to store cannabis oil

Now that CBD oil is legal, here at Cannmart, we are thrilled to be offering cannabis oils to our patients! Once you’ve found the oil product that’s the best fit for your needs, it's worthwhile to understand the importance of how to properly store your cannabis oils (no one wants to throw them away and waste a brand-new purchase). Whether you’re storing a tincture, a balm, or cannabis oil that you’ve infused yourself, taking proper care of your product will ensure that it lasts as long as possible without it spoiling early. Properly storing your CBD oils will ensure the product’s potency and flavour, and even allow your product to last up to a year.


Read more about the pros and cons of cannabis oil, and if it is the right fit for you [here]. 

What’s the best way?


Over time all oil products, including cooking oils, will eventually spoil. Don’t let your cannabis oils spoil faster than its best-before date due to improper storage care. To prevent degradation and the possibility of the product going rancid prematurely, here are a few easy steps and storage tips to follow to ensure your oil lasts as long as possible. 

Avoid light


You may have noticed that most olive oils that you buy in the store are sold in dark brown or green, glass bottles. The reason behind this packaging is that dark containers will help your oils last longer because the clearer your bottle or container, the more light and heat your oil is exposed to. Allowing light to reach your oil will cause the inevitable oxidization process to occur faster than necessary, and your cannabis oils will spoil faster! You’ll want to make sure that you store your oils in a cool, dark area  (preferably in the dark container that the oil was purchased in), to be exposed to as little light as possible.

It’s getting hot in here!


Prolonging the shelf life of your oils not only requires a darker container, but also keeping your oils in a cool, dark cupboard, or a pantry. Alternatively, you can store the oils in your refrigerator, but be prepared for the consistency of the oil to thicken slightly, or crystallize once cooled. The effects caused by a fridge will not ruin the product and can be easily fixed by slowly warming the oil up again. Simply run hot water over your oil container for a minute, and the consistency will return to its original state. 

Freezers can also be a great option when storing oils, especially oils (or butter) that you may have made yourself (note: infusing herbs and separating/storing your product in an ice cube tray in the freezer is a fantastic option for the canna-cooks out there!) Freezing your concentrates can allow the product to last up to a year if stored properly. An important point to consider is that when you freeze a cannabis oil or butter, you will need to allow the concentrate to defrost slowly, as quick temperature changes could harm, or even ruin, the product.

Exposure to air and your containers


When storing your oils at home, keep your product in a dark container: this means either the plastic containers that the oil was purchased in, or a container made of dark, tinted glass. Plastic Tupperware containers will work for short term storage, just ensure that you are storing the product in a container with little airspace (otherwise you might get moisture build-up, causing it to go bad faster). If you are planning on transferring your product to another container, ensure that you’ve properly cleaned the container and wear gloves! 

What happens if I don’t store them properly?


If you notice that your cannabis oils have started to lose their potency, or are tasting different and smelling funkier than normal, your product may be suffering from degradation and/or rancidity. The reason behind this could be attributed to many factors such as time, light, heat, or exposure. Besides the loss of potency in the product and a change in flavour, you can also check your product for other signs. Oils that have “gone bad” will start to change in consistency, and simply, smell “off”. Your oils might even become cloudy, discoloured, and even start growing mould. If you are ever doubting your oils, it’s best to toss it and replace it with a new, fresh product. Most CBD oils already come with a long best before date on the container, so it is best to follow any written storage instructions; otherwise, simply follow these simple steps to ensure the integrity of the oil by properly storing it. If you have made your own infused creations, ensure you store properly in the fridge or freezer, and throw it away if there are any noticeable changes in quality.

Safety notes to remember 


  • When storing cannabis oil, or other cannabis products in your home, ensure that they are kept safe and out of reach from children and pets. Homemade edibles and certain oil products may be mistaken, and accidentally consumed; to lessen this possibility, always keep your products in safe containers, and properly labelled.

  • It is true that glass containers are best when it comes to storing your cannabis products long term, but due to the possibility of breakage when shipping cannabis oils, there are restrictions on glass containers that have been made by Health Canada for the safety of our customers. At CannMart, our oils (Hybrid Blend THC tincture, THC tincture, and Treasure Island CBD Tincture) are currently being sold in certified plastic containers. 


Read more on Health Canada’s Cannabis Guidelines here [Learn More].



When you are looking into new oil products, make sure you look through the ingredients list thoroughly and ask questions if you are uncertain. A product's lifespan can have many variables, causing them to degrade and expire sooner than others. For example, tinctures that have alcohol distillations may last longer than others without, but will also have a more potent taste. At CannMart, we infuse our oils with MCT (medium-chain-triglyceride) oil that is made from fractionated coconut oil. Whenever possible, store your products in the container you purchased them in, or a clean, dark, glass container to let the infusion last as long as possible.


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