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How to Clean a Bong and The Best Bong Cleaning Products

Bong, pipe, and vape maintenance is a large factor for consumers who choose not to use hardware accessories. But is it really that hard to keep your pipes and bongs clean? Not exactly. There’s countless products available that will make your cleaning process much cleaner, safer and faster. You might be wondering: what is the best way to clean my bong? Well, it mostly depends on what type of pipe or bong you have. The most common choice for pipes and bongs is glass, they’re a classic purchase for new and legacy consumers alike. Remember, if you are a daily consumer you should be cleaning your hardware every 3 days or twice a week minimum. Below we’ve ranked our favourite ways to clean a bong. 

How Often You Should Clean Your Bong

There are four main signs you should clean your glass hardware: 

  1. Residue Build Up

    :  You will notice a thick resin-like substance building up in your bowl and smoking chambers. Over a period of time, this can affect the taste, pull and overall experience you have with your cannabis.
  2. Plugged Bowl: 

    Residue build up can result in your bowl becoming clogged, therefore leaving your pipe unusable.
  3. Every Three Days for Daily Users

    : Experience smokers know all too well, your hardware devices can collect a lot of bacteria and unwanted dust or other materials. To have the cleanest session possible, clean your product regularly with trusted bong cleaning products.
  4. Bad Bong Smell:

    Many people become overly cautious about the smell of their pipe. Whether you keep it at home, or pack it for when you're on the go. You shouldn’t have to rely on a smell proof bag to cover the scent of your uncleaned pipe. If your pipe has become overly potent in aroma, it’s time to give her a scrub with a safe cleaning solution

Before you clean your pipe or bong, always scrub off the after consumption resin that builds up from heating your cannabis. This will make your hardware care go much quicker without all that extra build up to remove. Our team recommends using a pipe cleaner or mechanism to prevent build up in the smoking chamber- not a cotton swab. Cotton swabs will stick to the residue left over from your last session and it will become more difficult to clean your pipe. If you're not very high maintenance when it comes to cleaning your hardware, try using a pipe screen. Screens can reduce the amount of cannabis debris left on your pipe and rarely allow clogging in your air chambers. Lastly it's very important to leave your pipe out to dry before using it to consume! Do not use your pipe if there is residual cleaning solution, isopropyl alcohol or leftover residues after cleaning.

  1. Bong Cleaning Solution & How to Use It:

    Majority of cleaning solutions work best when shaken. For pipes, dedicate an older Tupperware container or thick Ziplock bag and add the directed amount of cleaning solution. Drop your pipe in and shake carefully for 1-3 minutes. After 30 seconds you should be able to see debris breaking down, changing the colour of the water drastically. Give your pipe another scrub with a pipe cleaner to ensure all of the debris has been removed and rinse with water thoroughly. 

    • Effort level: Medium 
    • Effectiveness: Most Recommended 
    • Price: $9-$15 on CannMart 
    • Time: Average 5 minutes
    • (This can be a link or button) Shop: Bong & Pipe Cleaning Solutions   
  2. Bong Cleaning Wipes How to Use Them:

    Unlike cleaning solutions, you won’t need any extra containers, bags or supplies. With cleaning wipes you simply begin rubbing off your debris. This can take a longer amount of time and thoroughness. This also means you may have to tag team cleaning wipes with pipe cleaners, depending on how often you clean your pipe. 

    • Effort Level: Maximum
    • Effectiveness: Recommended
    • Price: Under $10
    • Time: 10-15 minutes or more
    • (this can be a link or a button) Shop: Glass Cleaning Wipes
  3. DIY Baking Soda, Sea Salt & Vinegar Soak How to Use: 

  4. Combine 1 part baking soda, half part sea salt, 2 parts vinegar and equal parts of lukewarm water in a container or bowl. Allow the mixture to react, fizz and settle. Option 1: leave for 30 minutes to 1 hour and wipe clean. Option 2: leave for 30 minutes and shake in a container for 1-2 minutes. 

  • Effort Level: Minimum
  • Effectiveness: Least Recommended
  • Price: $0 (if you have these items at home)
  • Time: 30 minutes to 1 hour 
  • Isopropyl Alcohol Method How to Use It: 

    Always begin using Isopropyl alcohol by putting on rubber gloves. Isopropyl alcohol is a harsh cleaning agent and can cause skin irritations. If you want to boost the effectiveness of this method, add course salt to your DIY solution. Place your pipe inside of a Ziplock bag and add a tablespoon of salt until your piece is completely covered by the mixture. Let your hardware sit for 10 minutes and then shake thoroughly for 3-5 minutes. Afterwards you may have to wipe and give it one look over before rinsing with water. 

    • Effort Level: Medium
    • Effectiveness: Recommended
    • Price: $0 (if you have these items at home)
    • Time: Up to 20 minutes
    • (this can be a button or link) Shop: Bong Cleaning Solutions 

    It is not recommended to clean your pipe in a dishwasher, boiling water or cold wash. Glass products can contain microfractions and can break with large changes in temperature. Residue from cannabis can also become extremely difficult to scrub or dislodge when heat is applied. If you are planning on cleaning your pipe in a dishwasher, ensure it is safe to do so and you have scrubbed it clean beforehand.

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