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How does a cannabis seed become your bud?

Rest assured that when you buy cannabis from CannMart, all of our products are sourced from Health Canada approved Licensed Producers that adhere to all the necessary quality and safety guidelines. That’s how we ensure every one of our products is safe to be consumed by medical cannabis patients.


Each Licensed Producer from which we source our cannabis has a different technique for planting their seeds or clones. Some use coconut husks and soil while others use peat moss or live soil; some even forgo soil altogether by using a hydroponic or aeroponic system. 


Depending on the type of grow facility (indoor, outdoor, or hybrid greenhouse), each Licensed Producer creates the ideal environment for their cannabis plants. These environments are carefully controlled to ensure proper temperature, humidity, and light. 

Drying and trimming

Once plants have grown to their optimal size, the flowers are removed and dried. Hang drying is the preferred method among Licensed Producers as it allows the flowers to preserve their terpenes. After the drying process is complete, buds are trimmed -- either by hand or by machine -- to remove any excess foliage.


After the flowers are dried and trimmed, they go through a rigorous testing process to ensure they meet the strict safety guidelines put forth by Health Canada. They are tested for their cannabinoid content (i.e. THC and CBD), terpenes, pesticides, heavy metals, and much more.


We try to create as little waste as possible in our packaging. Our minimalist approach allows us to keep the focus on what’s important: your bud. Each dried flower package purchased from CannMart includes a Boveda Pack to control humidity so that your bud stays fresh for as long as possible. 


Once everything is packaged and ready to go, the product is then promptly delivered to your door via Canada Post or Purolator. For those who reside in the GTA, you can expect same-day delivery on all orders submitted before 3pm ET. 

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