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Dabbing 101: a beginner’s guide to cannabis concentrates for advanced consumers

Dabbing is an increasingly common way to consume cannabis concentrates, whether it be rosin, shatter, wax, oil or hash. We’re here to help you navigate this advanced consumption method, from what equipment you’ll need to exactly how to use it.

Dabbing essentially flash vaporizes your concentrate by using a torch to directly apply heat to a glass nail or “banger” that holds the concentrate inside. Think of a nail to a dab rig as a bowl is to a bong. 

Consumption via dabbing is much stronger than smoking dried flower in a joint or bong, so it’s a great idea to start with a low dose and work your way up from there.

Equipment required:

  • Your concentrate of choice: Live resin, rosin, shatter, etc.
  • Dabber tool: A long metal rod used to scoop and dose concentrates
  • Dab nail or banger: Replaces a traditional “bowl,” this holds the concentrate and is inserted into your dab rig
  • Torch: You will need a powerful open flame to heat the concentrate quickly
  • Dab rig: Similar to a bong, but specific to concentrates. You’ll want a smaller dab rig with less percolators to achieve maximum flavour and potency

How to dab:

  1. Set up your dab rig, such as our 15cm bubble-based water pipe, and insert the dab nail where you’d normally attach a bowl to a bong.

  2. Fill your dab rig with water, if desired.

  3. Using the dabber tool, scoop out your preferred dose from the container. If using a shatter, break off the desired amount.

  4. Use your torch to heat up your nail until it’s red hot.

  5. Let it cool for 10 - 45 seconds, depending on the material (glass, quartz, titanium all will vary) NOTE: It’s very important that your nail cools before you take your dab in order to maximize your terpene profile.

  6. Using the dabber tool, insert and touch your concentrate to the bottom of the nail and simultaneously inhale from the top opening of the rig.

  7. After using, be sure to clean equipment for a pure taste every time. We recommend isopropyl alcohol, adding coarse sea salt as needed when a deep clean is required.
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