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Choosing a dry herb vaporizer for medical use

So you’ve gotten your medical cannabis document, ordered the flower of your choice, and are now ready to purchase a vaporizer. You may be wondering, now what? Maybe you have some questions, such as which vape has the best quality, which option best fits your budget and lifestyle, what’s the difference between conduction and convection vapes, and what product keeps the flavour profiles clean? 


First, let’s discuss the benefits of vaping versus smoking.


Swapping out your joints for a vaporizer is the modern way to better enjoy inhaling your medical cannabis. The technology used in heating and producing the vapour for inhalation makes vaping medical cannabis more efficient, allowing for a faster, stronger dosage. Vaping cannabis allows you to have a more precise regulation over the temperatures in which you’re burning your dried flower compared to the one temperature offered by the flame of a joint. Vaping also allows you to enjoy the full flavour profile of your cannabis, and it’s become the preference for people who experience lung irritation, unwanted coughing, and even phlegm from smoking.


One important benefit for medical users is that vaping allows you to retain more THC (or CBD, depending on the strain) compared to smoking a joint. From discreet and convenient options to heavy-duty desktop models, there’s a vape out there to suit your needs - and your budget!


Portable versus desktop options


The details to look into before making your purchase between the portable models comes down to a few key factors. Determining which elements are most important for you, such as the temperature controls, charging capabilities, smartphone capabilities, the discreteness in design, and whether you want a portable or at-home option will help you make the right choice. The small variations in what each product has to offer could be the deciding factor for your purchase, but overall, all of the portable vapes offered at CannMart are top choices for the modern, mobile cannabis user. 

If you’re always on-the-go, you might prefer something small, portable and discreet. If you’ll mostly use your medical cannabis at home, you might want the sturdy desktop option. At CannMart, we have nine different portable vaporizers to choose from. Going with a portable vaporizer allows for a compact and reliable product to use wherever you go. There are cheaper options, like the sleek and stylish Black Mamba, all the way up to the larger, more robust, and durable options like the Mighty Complete Kit. Another fantastic portable piece is the Pax 3; with a metal exterior, slim design and smartphone compatibility via Bluetooth, you can’t go wrong with this model.  Some vaporizers, like the Pax, have USB charging capabilities, whereas the Black Mamba needs to be charged via a wall outlet. 


For the home users who aren’t interested in portability, the desktop vaporizer option has many advantages that the smaller, portable vapes don’t offer. The increased size of desktop vaporizers allows users the luxury of more technology, maximizing flavour quality from each dosage. 


Desktop vapes allow for greater temperature regulation and control, which can allow the full medicinal benefits to be extracted from your medical cannabis. High heat, without burning the plant, results in superior extraction of your flower’s cannabinoids and terpenes. With controlled temperatures, you don’t waste as much product, and this allows your cannabis to last longer so you can get all of the potential benefits of the strain. At CannMart, we offer one desktop vaporizer, the Volcano Medic Complete Kit, which is the best quality desktop vaporizer on the market today. The Volcano is manufactured to last, and its advanced technology allows it to create smooth, efficient and flavourful vapour, making it well worth the price. The Volcano may have a higher cost upfront, but with this desktop option, there is less chance of damaging it compared to the portable options. Its technology allows for the full extraction potential of each flower, which will likely save you money on your cannabis in the long run. Desktop models are more powerful machines when compared to portable vapes, and the potency can be quite strong for first-timers, so remember to take it slow when first using a desktop vaporizer.

Conduction versus convection


There are two main types of portable vaporizers for patients to choose from: conduction and convection. There are also options that have a hybrid heating system, which combines the two. The difference between the conduction and convection is that conduction vapes heat cannabis directly via surface-to-surface heating, and convection vapes require a bit more technology to actually move heated air around and through the dried herb to prep it for inhalation. Conduction heating was the original heating process for vape pens, where you simply put your cannabis onto the heating element, which then heats the herb quickly before inhalation. This method can cause your cannabis to have a higher chance of combustion, meaning that you could burn your cannabis and cause bad-tasting vapours and carcinogens.


The top benefits of the conduction vaporizers is that they are energy efficient and can last a lot longer than convection vapes before they need to be charged again. They also heat up much faster than convection options, and are usually the more inexpensive models. The entry-level and budget-friendly conduction options we recommend at Cannmart are the Black Mamba and the Yocan Evolve D. The complex, costly, and smartphone compatible option that uses conduction is the Pax 3.


Convection heating, on the other hand, involves the cannabis flower never coming into contact with the heating element, which lowers the possibility of combustion. This technology allows you to use the plant to its full potential without wasting material. The top quality vapour that is produced by convection models preserves your plants’ cannabinoids and terpene profile, and results in the best flavour possible. However, convection vaporizers are usually more expensive. They also take longer to heat up than conduction models because they have multiple chambers within their design (which also takes longer to clean and maintain), and requires two to six minutes to heat up to a consistent temperature. Two great, sleek convection vapes that won’t break your budget are the Pulsar APX, the Boundless CF, and the Arizer Solo 2.


Finally, there is the hybrid vaporizer option, where the vaporizer uses a blend of the two main heating methods. This process will speed up the heating time, but can also result in a higher cost upfront. Hybrid heating designs are the latest technology, allowing for you to experience the highest quality vapour possible in a portable vaporizer. For a hybrid option, we recommend the Mighty Complete Kit. With its stainless steel heating chamber, the Mighty helps to ensure that the cannabis you use will retain its quality and terpene profile. The main downside to this hybrid is the large jump on the price tag and bulkier design. With the Mighty, you truly get what you pay for, and in this case you’re paying for a top quality portable vaporizer that offers perfect hybrid heating.


Vaping on a budget versus investing in the highest quality


Now you should have a basic knowledge of conduction, convection, and hybrid options. The next step in your research process to find the best vape for your needs is the price, and the quality you will get for that price. At CannMart, you can find the perfect vape for your needs made with high-quality materials at a reasonable price. The more affordable options are the Black Mamba ($69.99), the Yocan Evolve D, and the stylish Pulsar APX Vaporizer ($99.99). For a mid-priced model, starting around $150.00, we recommend the Boundless CF Vape ($149.99). All of our vaporizers in the lower price ranges are perfect for beginners and seasoned pros alike looking to keep the cost down while still receiving a potent vapour.


The $200 price range is where we get into the high tech products. One of the most notable benefits from the products with increased prices is the controlled heating settings, which have a greater chance of engaging with the cannabinoids and terpenes. With the high tech models, you get access to the advanced settings available to you, allowing you to be more precise with your temperature controls and heighten your experience. The Pax 3 ($259.99) has Bluetooth technology, 15-second heat-up time, multiple colour models to pick from, and a 10-year warranty, making it a top tier choice. If you’re looking for savings, the previous generation of Pax, The Pax 2 Vaporizer  is still an outstanding choice. Made with high quality, durable materials, this older model comes with interchangeable mouthpieces, a magnetic USB charger and can operate for up to two hours on a single charge. It also uses motion-sensing technology and will self-cool when it senses that you are no longer using the vape. We also recommend the Arizer Solo 2 for its lightweight design and long-lasting, powerful lithium battery. Though they may be bulky and one of the most expensive options out there, the portable Mighty, and the desktop Volcano  are superior choices for cannabis users looking for the most aromatic and pure vapour production systems. They may be more expensive and hefty, but they are built with high tech that is meant to last and provide a high-quality cannabis consumption experience every time.


Note* All of our products are under the manufacturer's warranty, ensuring that you will receive the best quality help with potential product issues with your purchase.


There are countless vape options out there for cannabis users looking to switch from smoking to vaping. Choosing the right vape for you can seem overwhelming, but we hope that this intro will help your decision making a bit clearer. Vaping is more complicated than simply rolling a joint, but overall, the pros of vaping heavily outweigh the cons, and you just need to decide what to look for before you make a purchase. When you shop for cannabis, remember to always start low and go slow with dosages, to research your products carefully, and to reach out to a professional for any questions you may have.

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