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CannMart: A trusted online cannabis store in Canada

Looking to buy cannabis online? It can be quicker and more convenient than purchasing it in person. But, with ever-changing laws surrounding the sale of cannabis, how do you know which sites are reliable and legal?

CannMart is quickly becoming many Canadian’s go-to online cannabis store because of the elevated patient experience we offer. As soon as customers are approved for a medical cannabis prescription, they are able to choose from a wide array of products from a variety of Licensed Producers. This means they won’t need to get a new prescription and switch LPs every time they want to try a new product.

Since CannMart doesn’t cultivate medical cannabis, we’re able to focus on offering product diversity through e-commerce. It sells vaporizers, rolling papers and other related products on many websites across 20 countries. 

In this post, you’ll learn about your options when it comes to legally buying cannabis online. 

Online cannabis stores in Canada 

Online stores are websites where a person or patient can purchase recreational or medical cannabis. Typically, after signing up and providing ID, you can select, pay for and have your medicinal cannabis shipped to your door.

Online stores can be a convenient way to get your medical cannabis no matter where you live. For example, if you live in Toronto, it’s possible to have your cannabis delivered the same-day via Pineapple Express Delivery. Online stores in Canada can also improve access to products for patients living in rural communities. 

When searching for an online store, there are a few things you should consider:

Legal/licensed— The first step to choosing where to buy your cannabis is making sure the website is legal. Always make sure you check the company you are engaging with has a license to sell. Not doing so can significantly impact the effectiveness and safety of your products. Currently is the only sales-only online licensed producer that ships medical cannabis across Canada from a variety of suppliers.

Products— Ensure that the store has a variety of products that may work for your specific condition or symptom. Sometimes patients need to try a few options before they find the medicine that works for them. For this reason, it’s good if your store has more than one or two strains that fit within your recommendation.

Prices— The online store you choose should offer an array of strains you can try that fit within your budget.

Shipping times— Before choosing a store, learn how long it takes for your medical cannabis to arrive at your doorstep.

Legal online stores in Canada

If you’re searching for an online store in Canada, you’re probably wondering how to tell which are legal. Here is a quick rundown of the websites that are legal to buy from:

Recreationally— You can only buy legal recreational cannabis online from provincially-licensed private retailers or provincially-run online stores (ex. SQDC or OCS).

Medically— The only websites legally selling medical marijuana are owned by Licensed Producers.

Six of CannMart's most unique features  

Last year, CannMart received Health Canada's first medical cannabis Sales-Only License. This means CannMart is a legal online store for any Canadian with a medical cannabis prescription. 

#1 Evidence-based strains
CannMart’s products aren’t chosen at random; they’re carefully curated based on user data and research. We are able to suggest strains to symptoms, to improve patient outcomes, based on patient feedback.

#2 More product selection
Licensed Producers are typically only able to sell the products they cultivate, which can limit a patient’s choice. Since CannMart has a Sales-Only license, they’re able to offer a larger selection of strains and accessories made by a variety of companies. When you have more options, you’re more likely to find the products that work.

#3 Craft cannabis
CannMart is always expanding its product selection and works with several LPs, many of which have adopted a 'craft' approach to cultivation, giving the plant the attention it deserves, with an aim to produce the best possible product. 

#4 Varying prices
Because CannMart offers an array of products from different Licensed Producers, you can find medical cannabis at different price points. Whether you have a small or large budget, you can find a strain that fits your needs.

#5 Quick, easy shipping
CannMart ships its products from Toronto, so patients in the area can get their cannabis the same day, depending on when it's ordered. People in other parts of the country can receive their medication in just a few days, even if living in a rural location. Upon checkout, patients have three shipping options: Purolator Express, Canada Post Xpresspost or Pineapple Express Delivery (GTA only). All packages have a tracking number so that you can check where it is in transit. 

Don’t have a medical cannabis prescription yet? Head over to CannMartMD to get yours today.


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