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Cannabis 2.0: How to use your vape cartridge and disposable pen

If you’re looking for a discreet way to vape, using these products is the way to go. Here’s why:


With most people living on-the-go lifestyles, we know how important convenience and portability is for the modern cannabis consumer. With a pre-filled vape cartridge or disposable vape pen, you get to skip the extra step of filling your distillate and begin enjoying smooth, clean draws -- without the hassle. 

First, let’s discuss what distillate is. Distillate is used as the base for many cannabis edibles and vaporizer cartridges since it’s the most potent and pure form of a specific compound in the cannabis plant. It’s a concentrate that’s been stripped of lipids, fats, terpenes, flavonoids and other cannabinoids, leaving you with a refined compound, like THC or CBD. Created through a multi-step refinement process to remove all impurities. Distillate cartridges are pre-loaded with your desired product, meaning there is no self-loading or effort required. Plus, the beauty of distillate cartridges is that they’re often combined with specific terpenes to give them a unique taste and aroma. 

When choosing a pre-filled distillate cartridge pen, it’s important to inform yourself on the different options depending on your preferences and lifestyle. There are two main types of vape cartridges: battery-powered and disposable. 

Battery-powered vape cartridges 



Battery-powered cartridges come in tanks with a 510 thread vaporizer battery insert. This is a screw that fits on a variety of batteries, and we sell a selection that helps to maintain the potency of your distillate while providing even heat distribution and consistent vapour.



If you’re choosing a battery-powered distillate cartridge, there are two things to purchase:



Once you’ve purchased the required items, simply screw the cartridge into the battery and go ahead and enjoy your smooth, clean draws. You’ll notice that a light will appear on the bottom of the pen when you take a pull, and you’ll know if your pen is out of battery when it begins flashing. To charge it, simply unscrew the cartridge from the battery, screw in your charger, and plug it into any standard USB port to give it power (our batteries come with USB chargers, you can skip the extra step of purchasing one). For easy use, each time you finish a cartridge, keep your battery so that you can refill your new cartridge instead of getting a new kit.


If the above does not apply to you because you already own a 510 thread compatible battery, double-check to ensure the voltage is compatible as well. If it is too high for the vape cartridge, the high temperature may burn the product and compromise the taste. The optimal range for vape battery voltage is usually somewhere between 2.8 V-3.8 V. 

Disposable vape pens



Alternatively, many pre-filled vape pens are disposables and come with a pre-charged battery that supports the device until the distillate cartridge empties. This type of pen doesn’t need to be charged, has no threading, and is meant to be disposed once it’s empty -- with no need to be separated from its battery. This style is great for first-timers, who aren’t sure if they’ll stick with the pre-filled model. 


Unlike other vaporizers, vape pens using distillate cartridges have no buttons; you can simply take a draw from the pen and enjoy smooth, clean, and consistent vapour. In terms of how long a distillate cartridge lasts, it gives you approximately 300 pulls.

Pre-filled distillate cartridges are the easiest method of enjoying cannabis, especially if you’re always on-the-go and prefer to be discreet. Their small, minimalist design is simple, portable, and don’t produce smoke or vapour.


If you’re ready to try the most hassle-free vaping yet, purchase your affordable cannabis distillate cartridge and get ready for a subtle, discreet experience. For more information, check out more of our cannabis 2.0 products.

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