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Are Portable Vaporizers Worth It?

Vaporizers are electronic devices used to simulate smoking; it could be tobacco or the more preferred cannabis. They are made up of an atomizer, a compartmental container known as a cartridge that houses the dry herbs or the concentrated cannabis oil, and a power source which is a battery in a portable vaporizer and a power outlet in a desktop vaporizer. Users of vaporizers inhale vapor when using their vaporizers instead of smoke got from traditional joint smoking.

Portable vaporizers, as stated, are vaporizers that can be moved with ease, and they are often referred to as electronic cigarettes.  Using electronic cigarettes for cannabis consumption is called vaping and is worth the try for all cannabis users based on several factors, which can be brought down to preference and mode of use as compared to other methods of cannabis consumption. 

Vapes come on when you suck on them or press a button, and the volume of vapor they produce is dependent on the kind of cannabis put into the cartridge and the particular vape being used. Vapes are powered by high-efficiency batteries, usually lithium-ion batteries, which are quite durable and can be recharged. Also, these batteries are built to power and sustain high temperatures of up to 400 degrees or even more. 

Whether you use cannabis for medical purposes or recreational enjoyment, these are some advantages and disadvantages which we have listed.

Pros of owning a portable vaporizer

  • Versatility: portable vaporizers are versatile and come in several shapes and sizes, all hand-held to suit each user's tastes and needs. Depending on the particular model you choose to buy, your portable vaporizer can and should be compatible with several cannabis materials, including; dried cannabis herbs, ejuice, essential oil, or a concentrate of cannabis oil in its cartridge. So depending on the kind of cannabis you have at hand, you can vape conveniently. 
  • It's often cheaper: portable vaporizers usually and ideally cost less than the desktop vaporizer variant. So if you are looking to consume cannabis through vaping but you are on a budget, a portable vaporizer is a way to go.
  • Portability: this is perhaps the most obvious advantage to owning a portable vaporizer. This is a big plus for people who prefer to vape on the go or people who would choose to conceal or hide away their vapes. If you live with children or pets who could topple over or damage a larger vaporizer, the smaller size would be a much-needed advantage. 
  • Durability: this factor is generally dependent on the product you choose to buy. Generally speaking, portable vaporizers are quite strong and would provide value for money in terms of length of use if used and cared for properly. Proper care would involve good cleaning and charging practices and putting the vape in a safe place when not used or during transportation to avoid damage. Charging your vape correctly will ensure the battery life span is maintained for a more extended period.

Cons of using a portable vaporizer

  • They are not quite suited for shared use: if you occasionally vape with other people, this may be a bit of a problem with a portable vaporizer. Portable vaporizers are particularly suited for personal use and could pose certain sanitary risks when shared compared to desktop vapes which could come with separate mouthpieces. 
  • Limited power supply: portable vapes are usually made to derive their power supply from an inbuilt battery. Depending on the capacity of this battery, this could be a limiting factor to your cannabis consumption. A vape with a shorter battery life span would leave you needing a charge more often. This would be problematic for outdoor users who are not close to a charging source at that particular point in time. The average working time of a portable vaporizer is about an hour.

What’s better, a portable vaporizer or a desktop vaporizer? 

The extensive choice of whether to buy or use a portable vaporizer as compared to a desktop vaporizer ultimately comes down to personal preference, cost, and ease of use.

Desktop vaporizers are stationary vaporizers that are usually bulky and run on A/C power by being connected to a power outlet. They were the first kind of vaporizers created to provide an alternative to traditional cannabis smoking. They contain a large heating chamber that heats cannabis content to the desired temperature to release its vapor. The vapor from a desktop vaporizer can be inhaled through a more common whip or the classical vaporizer bags. 

 If you prefer a more personalized vaping experience, you are regularly on the go, or you lean towards owning a handier vaporizer. The portable vaporizer is the choice for you. Whereas, if you are more of a stay-at-home person who vapes in a much larger volume or you vape with multiple people, then a desktop vaporizer might be your best bet.

 If you go with the stationary desktop variant, you have to bear the mobility issues and adapt to moving your vaporizer less. Also, price is a significant factor that should be considered with buying any product. Desktop vaporizers are noticeably more expensive than portable vaporizers. They are built to be bigger, stronger, and with a more efficient heating system. So if you are low on cash, then it’s a no-brainer; go with a portable vaporizer, but if you have the money to spare, then you can consider getting a desktop vaporizer or both.


Portable vaporizers are a convenient and also efficient way to consume cannabis and come in a plethora of shapes and sizes. They are worth the use and cheaper than the stationary desktop variants. Based on the particular product you choose to buy, there are various models to pick from. If personal use and portability are of utmost desirability for you, then get a portable vaporizer today.

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