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5 ways to consume your cannabis tinctures

With our 420 sale quickly approaching, you may be curious about cannabis deals and finally trying one of our cannabis tinctures

Created with premium cannabis flower that’s been extracted using a specialized CO2 process, each extract is then blended with all-natural MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil for maximum cannabinoid absorption. 

Like all cannabis products, there is no one-size-fits-all consumption method. This is why we’ve made a list of five ways to consume your cannabis tincture. Enjoy exploring what works best for you, and remember to always start low and go slow to encourage safe dosing.  

Place it under your tongue

 This method of consumption is also known as sublingual ingestion and works when you place the oil under your tongue and allow the mucosal membrane lining in your mouth to absorb it directly into your bloodstream. Since sublingual consumption skips the digestive tract, it results in a high bioavailability of the product’s cannabinoids [*].

Drizzle it onto your meals 

 Perhaps the easiest way to consume your cannabis tincture is to drizzle your recommended dose onto your meal. To make this process extra discreet, try adding the tincture into your salad dressing or pasta sauce. Keep in mind that this kind of ingestion may delay the onset of effects compared to sublingual ingestion due to a process called first-pass metabolism [*]. 

Add it to your hot and cold beverages

 Another simple way to enjoy your tincture is to add your recommended dose to hot beverages like tea, hot chocolate, or the perfect CBD-infused turmeric latte. When adding a tincture to a hot drink, wait a few minutes for the water to slightly cool. This will help to preserve the tincture’s terpenes and cannabinoids. If you’re more of a cold drink fan, make your own cannabis-infused simple syrup and add it as a sweetener to iced drinks and cold brew coffee. 

Create your own cannabis edibles 

 If you love satisfying snacks, decadent breakfasts, or crowd-pleasing appetizers, making your own cannabis edibles may be your preferred method of tincture use. Just make sure you learn how to safely consume cannabis edibles, and if it’s your first time consuming them, consider microdosing to encourage a positive experience. 

Create your own cannabis topical

Cannabis topicals are products that you can apply directly to the skin. Created by mixing cannabis tinctures with fats, such as coconut oil, these products are often used to help relieve headaches, inflammation, and menstrual pain [*]. You can create your own cannabis topical to potentially help your aches and pains with these simple recipes. 

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